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Problem 8 Easy Difficulty

A laser beam shines along the surface of a block of transparent material (see $\textbf{Fig. E33.8}$). Half of the beam goes straight to a detector, while the other half travels through the block and then hits the detector. The time delay between the arrival of the two light beams at the detector is 6.25 ns. What is the index of refraction of this material?




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Video Transcript

the refractive nips off material isn't in a speed off light in the vacuum with speed off light in a medium we have speed off like given speed off light in the medium can be written is lent over the time that time took in the medium length early, right by the time it took in a medium So if we plant those values and sold, then the refractive index Here we get is, um 1.1 point 38 So here we get the refractive indexes 1.38 Where else is given is now we have these 2.5 meters. So hell, we have 2.5. We'll just plug this value and find a time from a delay time. So the delay between the two signals that it's one going with surface and one going inside the block. So the delay is a six point to five. From the delay, we can find this tea and pluck the value there and then reflecting This we have is one point 1.38 and off

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