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Problem 4

The $n$ x $n$ matrix consisting of 1's on its mai…

Problem 3

A matrix consisting entirely of zeros is called a ________ matrix and is denoted by ________.


Zero Matrix $, 0_{m n}$ where m and n are dimensions of the zero matrix.



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Video Transcript

The question here basically gives us a scenario way over Given a matrix just consisting of zero. So let's say we have a matrix with, um let's say three different rose. So we have three different rose and two different columns, so we'd have something like this. So the first part of the question here asks us, What can we do? Note this matrix as and what to be called this matrix. So first of all, what can we call this type of matrix as it's composed? Literally. It was just the rose. We can call it a zero matrix, so that would answer the first part of the question. So now I'm the second part of the question asks us What can we do? Note. This matrix s so as we know, matrixes are generally denoted by an uppercase letter. For example, ABC, In this case, as it is composed of zeros, it would make the most logical sense toe, um, compose it, denote it rather with zero. So we can say that this matrix is the noted as that zero where we also have to put in the number of rows and columns in matrices arrays are are basically sorted by M times and arrays where M is the number of rows and end is a number of columns. So in this case, we can say in a zero matrix, um, it could be the noted as zero m n. Where, of course, emon end are the dimensions of the matrix itself.