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Problem 83 Hard Difficulty

A mixture of 0.0375 g of hydrogen and 0.0185 mol oxygen in a closed container is sparked to initiate a reaction. How many grams of water can form? Which reactant is in excess, and how many grams of it remain after the reaction?


$\mathrm{m}\left(\mathrm{H}_{2} \mathrm{O}\right)=0,338 \mathrm{g}$
$\mathrm{m}\left(\mathrm{O}_{2},\right.$ excess $)=0,009125 \mathrm{mol}^{*} 32 \mathrm{g} / \mathrm{mol}=0,292 \mathrm{g}$


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Video Transcript

So we're keeping the reaction between hydrogen all section when both off the gas, they ah ah, in the container. So a spark, An initial initiated reaction to your form. Water. So here we have soup on serial fees there from five graham off hydrogen and also syrup on Syria. When a five month off oxygen, what would be the mass of water being produce? So first of all, we have to Bannister can call the Ashram. Um, as you can see, that we have to Ah, hydrogen on the on the left. So we have it for two under, right? And then we have four hydrogen. So on the love we were just put put to you from the hydrogen and then the whole reaction Spartans. Okay, so the next step before we do anything is convert anything. That is not your number. Motion on verbal. So we're still points several feet. That's 75 year bites You where? Sierra 750.1 it if there were 18 eight. Uh, both. Okay, so, um, we have the lumber. I'm also had to found the limiting We agent we had found an emitting region, and then we can just a limbo move in different dimension. We agent to find out the mass off our water. Okay, so then they assume we Ah, I would pick all hydrogen. Assume I have. Ah, them. You have that much hydrogen, You know that? The footy we act so we will. How many oxygen do I need? The militia is 2 to 1 for Ah, hydrogen oxygen. So I just take ah, hydrogen. Um, the more motive I bite you, so I will have Ah, sirrah, point. Seriously. 09 for most of oxygen required to fully re at with. Ah, Hodgins. Okay, So this is the require amounts over here, over here. And there's the actual mouth, so you can see that. Actually, we have a lot off oxygen. So the excess we aging essentially, it's all sitting over here. All right, so let's stab is we're going to Ah, use hydrogen number mostly found that ward number almost again because we have enough also, June. But, uh, I know that the food that we have with all the hydrogen Okay, so the limbo move off water, it would be ah, we can find the from the motorway show and also find from the number of most of hydrogen. So the mother wisher is 2 to 2. Essential is 1 to 1. So it's essentially the same as the number most over here for water. So sue syrup on Syria 18 Ah, for out to the moment of water. Okay, so when we know the number more water we have vowed a mass, we just the more plight, Um, the mass off the mill a massive waters with 18 by the limbo Moe's so so far 018 times 18 And that which you have several 180.338 gram for water. Okay, so, uh, we've already filed the mass of water. We know that excess we agent sausage in. So how about the oxygen? We meaning? All right. So we have that much of all sojourn. 0.185 and then we know that you know that hopefully we have imagined they will consume syrup on sale soon. 94 So we just took our agent Noh Ah, concentration off our region. Know them. Don't move for oxygen. Subtract Ah ah ah! Mom required if we were rehab before their hydrogen and that we should be able to find out is because the syrup on cereal night one most we meaning for oxygen remaining this we meaning. And then we can further, um, convert that back to our master. You corresponding to Syria 0.219 Grandma Oxygen. We may you know, we asked your picture.