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Problem 93

The heat of combustion of fructose, $\mathrm{C}_{…


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Problem 92

A pound of plain M&M candies contains 96 g fat, 320 g carbohydrate, and 21 g protein. What is the fuel value in kJ in a 42-g (about 1.5 oz) serving? How many Calories does it provide?


874.44 $\mathrm{kJ}$



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Video Transcript

there you guys were doing question number ninety two, Chapter five. The chemistry of central science. So the question is a pound of plain Eminem candies contains ninety six grams of fat, but Esther, two grams carbohydrates and and twenty one grams protein. It will be fixed. That actually only switched these. No. So they wanted to know. What is the fuel value in killer Jules, Those in a forty two gram? I am serving the way to do this. We have to figure out what percentage the fat carbohydrates and proteins makeup of. Of our Eminem's ninety six over twenty two thousand is your point zero zero four four three. Twenty over twenty two thousand, sir. Twenty two hundred is one pound of stooping to two kilograms. So point two hundred three entrance. We need to find by twenty two hundred zero point points here four zero before four. That's the fraction of a fact that in the Eminem Berg a hundred who one for five of that human out of carbs than the amount of protein jiro point zero zero nine five Now in the forty two now in the forty two grands, we must buy distraction two times zero for four, three times forty two point one four five and forty two. Same zero point zero zero nine five. There's going to be one quaint eight for eight grams and fat that's six point zero nine and grams of cover hydrates, and that is zero point three nine nine grams of protein. So now they want to find a fuel value in killer jewels. So we're going to multiply this by their respect, the fuel values that we have on the left. So what's up with So what Fat it? Yeah, thirty eight times. One point eight for eight. Eight. Then we're gonna have seventeen times. Is your point one four five seventeen times zero? Yes, it's my apologies. Six six point zero nine. The New York seventeen. Thanks. Zero point three nine nine. Thirty eight times when point date for eight. That's seventy point two seventy point to kill a Jules. I mean, that is one hundred three point five killer. Jules, you're in seventeen times point three nine nine. That is sixty six point seven eight. Killer Jules. Now they want us to know what the calorie content for this is. Well, they wanted the couch. How many calories, the bet, the bag, the forty grams serving provides I. So we're going to find out how I think I was. Each component produces, and then we're going to add those up last nine times one point for eight or AIDS or sixteen point six three three. Ah, can't stay. All right. So so four times times here point three nine nine and four times k k here and six point zero nine fine. One point five nine six. And this is six point nine twenty four point three six. So now we add those together, and that will give us forty two point thanks. Five, eight six calories. And that's going to be the calorie content. Ten of the forty two before to gram bag.

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