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Problem 39 Easy Difficulty

A rocket is launched at an angle of $53.0^{\circ}$ above the horizontal with an initial speed of $100 . \mathrm{m} / \mathrm{s}$ . The rocket moves for 3.00 $\mathrm{s}$ along its initial line of motion with an acceleration of 30.0 $\mathrm{m} / \mathrm{s}^{2}$ . At this time, its engines fail and the rocket proceeds to move as a projectile. Find (a) the maximum altitude reached by the rocket, (b) its total time of flight, and (c) its horizontal range.


(a) $h _ { \max } = 1522.17 \mathrm { m }$
(b) $t _ { \text {tot } } = 36.11 \mathrm { s }$
(c) $R _ { \text {tot } } = 4047.46 \mathrm { m }$


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Video Transcript

{'transcript': "So what happens over here is you were shooting the rocket up this inclined plane at a mangled absolutely the logical so immediately you can, you know, if they're not, is the initial without city. You can find the horizon's of competent of article company the velocity Andi The rocket travels 100 meter on the inside surface because you know that the self so theoretically with the implying with the horizontal you can find the hard vertical and the horizontal competent, which is the horizontal bubble. If here is X and the radical carpet is negative 15 because it is going downward now. Ah, the horizontal motion is ah, uniformed motion. No acceleration. So you can write the horizontal coming in the last three months, but by time and the rider displacement ease given by this expression where you have the initial that's people spread by time minus the half Judy spread because the acceleration use down the Lord Direction G. Now from here extracts sign as for and extract or sign houses from this tree question and they quit the ones with that, it will get an expression off. Ah, aquatic expression on time on every other. Very this known. So, Saul, 40 square from the aquatic equation. You get the quadratic value of peaceful, which is to 50.5 and 1.6 42nd. Do a squirt of that. He did the questioning times. Now, 10. As for the alfa angle over here, you find that, uh, corresponding to the 15.89 you get 4.17 billion corresponding to 1.27 seconds. You'd better value 115 which does not agree to our situation. So the only angle that we have is 4.17 dig me. And now, in the vertical direction, we find the maximum hide. In order to find the massive height, we want to know when the massive heart offers the Time T is found by the expression B Y equals zero. So from the y equals zero, we find the time that getting over here and then find that the article height The maximum height is 284 major"}

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