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Problem 46 Medium Difficulty


a) $\mathrm{n}(\mathrm{F})=1,2 \mathrm{mol}$
b) $\mathrm{m}(\mathrm{M})=24 \mathrm{g}$
c) calcium


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Video Transcript

but there's a reaction between the medal and we foreign. So we're soup on six more foreign soup on six more off metal were We have excess amount of foreign and they give 46.8 grammar M f to you. So what A what would be the foreign number? Most enough to And then what will be the mass off and in the M f to and what will be the identity off them? Okay. So far for the limbo. Mose off after you in f NF two. Ah, yes, that okay, we have to look at our Camp Coe reaction equation. So from here, I believe it's partners. Now this chemical reaction is bothers and you can see that for every one more for E, we will form one more off meth too. Okay, One more for you, for one more left to and also with one more Flory. We we also we have reform or from off the medals. And also for one with a medal serial form one more time After we got the coefficients once or the ratio between those coefficient accessories the ball away show it's 1 to 1. Everything is 1 to 1. So from here we can see that if we have syrup 0.6 more off metal being we added, we will need syrup on six mo off F f too, for win molecule to we, Jack. And that it should also give 0.6 mo off m F two. Okay, so therefore, um, we know that there was syrup on sex most off after you being reactors. Being in them are in the chemical compound, so therefore they're actual Forand. Um, limbo most in the compound will be two times zero points. Ah, six more. You were close to 1.2 more. The reason the immobile by two is that from here we have soup 20.6 off after two. And we want you founded in TV Joe half not after you. So that's why I went by to Okay, So what will be the mass off? Ah, Madeline, the in our m f too. So we Ah, First of all, you just need to find out the mass off our foreign. Okay, so we have a total mass 48 porn a 46.8. Where? Master? Massive foreign. So we're 1.2 more foreign. So were modified the longbow most by the motor mass, which would be 91 for mo. So we're 22.8 Quinn and dizzy from our foreign. And does this essentially we're going Thio modify by our mother mass 1.2 more fires, 19 gram per mo and then we're going to calculate the remainder mass Ah, it will be 24 Grab 24 cramp. Okay, so, uh, yeah, we have to file their identity off them. So we know that way we'll have ah syrup on six more off m f too. And then we've seen that FM to m F two for each m f to you. F you will have one m so, dad for so m f to you will have one m. Yeah, you were looking at the formula is m one f two So therefore you have soup on six more math too. Then the lumber Most off our matter will be secrets to Syria. Ciro 0.6 mo s Well, okay. And we know that inside this matter you will have 24 graham off our medals. And what would be them or that master from we we can funnel the mass and then we can file the identity. Yeah, your moral message. You need to The intent is so from here we have the number most. And then we have the mass. We can file the molar mass. So if you remember number mucus so to mass over Ah, for morning mass and the mother mass will be equals to Ah, our Masti Wipe Island Bombo. So we're 24 divided by cell phone six Onda we should be able to find that is a 40 Gwen for Mo. OK, The Lexx tablets were going thio appear on the table and No. Four method That will have ah ah for roughly 40 Quimper mo and we should be able to find that it is Kelsey.