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Problem 22

What are colligative properties?

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Problem 21

A study was done on the weights of different types of
fish in a pond. A random sample of fish were caught
and marked in order to ensure that none were
weighed more than once. The sample contained
150 largemouth bass, of which 30$\%$ contained more
than 2 pounds. Which of the following conclusions
is best supported by the sample data?
A) The majority of all fish in the pond weigh less
than 2 pounds.
B) The average weight of all fish in the pond is
approximately 2 pounds.

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Video Transcript

king. So again, with these logic based mouth questions, we know that we have to follow a couple rules. One is that we can extrapolate. So if you're finding the favourite ice cream flavour of people in your class and there's twenty people and they say that eighty percent say that their favorite flavor is chocolate but doesn't mean eighty percent of the entire world's favorite play for his chop ice cream, it only means that for your class of twenty people, the favorite flavor is chocolate. So then we also can't assume which basically means we can't have any if then statements. And basically the example is that if if my favorite color was red, I guess I would go for the red T shirt. But you don't know that my favorite color was red. And so if I didn't explicitly say it, you can't assume the third thing is that you can't guess which means that you can't make any statements about something that you didn't have it about. So, for example, if you're talking about like the colors of the T shirts, you can talk about the numbers of the T shirt or if you're talking about the colors of the T shirts. You can't talk about the the fabric quality of the T shirts, so let's look at it. So for a does the majority of all fish in the pond way less than two pounds? Well, this one the keyword is that it is the majority of all fish in the pompon, less weight that we're less than two pounds. But we know that we actually only did it off a sample containing one hundred and fifty large mouth bass. We don't know that it's all fish, so we can't say Aye, so for B, it says the average weight of all fish in the pound pond is approximately two pounds again of all fish. It's not of all fish. It's only of a sample of one hundred fifty large mouth bass so fast so we can't make that assumption. Doesn't see approximately thirty percent of all fish again in the pond way more than two pounds. We can't say that because it's only a one hundred and fifty large mouth bass, so that for D, it is approximately thirty percent of all large mouth bass in the pond weighing more than two pounds. Well, We know that one is true because this one only said about the large bus so we can actually make that statement.

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