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Problem 67 Medium Difficulty

A supertrain (proper length 100 $\mathrm{m} )$ travels at a speed of 0.950 $\mathrm{c}$ as it passes through a tunnel (proper length 50.0 $\mathrm{m}$ ). As seen by a trackside observer, is the train ever completely within the tunnel? If so, with how much space to spare?




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Video Transcript

in this problem, the observer measures for permanent off journal, which is good to 50.0 imitation but measures Shane contracted to length. You lent off L which is equal to in or into one minus. We square do it by Isis where, as we were given the value of this code, would we do it by sea so well secured when we get and notice about 100 m and if you do it by C is equal toe 0.950 When we saw this, we get the contracted length of train is equal to 31.2 m. So the trans shorter than the tunnel by 50 0.0 meter, minus 31.2 m, which is equal to 18.8 m. She's the answer of the question and this length is actually less than the length afternoon. So the train is completely within the eternal

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