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Problem 34

A basketball player has made 24 points out of 30 …

University of California, Berkeley
Problem 33

A team's best hitter has a lifetime batting average of $.320 .$ He has been at bat 325 times.
a. How many hits has he made?
b. The same player goes into a slump and doesn't get any hits at all in his next ten times at bat. What is his current batting average to the nearest thousandth?


A. 104
B. .310

Chapter 7
Similar Polygons
Section 1
Ratio and Proportion



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Video Transcript

for a 0.3 to 0 average equals X r number of hits over the number of times he's played. Therefore, we have 104 moving on into part B. We know that the average is the number of hits of the number of times he played.

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