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Problem 122

A large sport utility vehicle has a mass of 2.5 *…

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Problem 121

A typical frostless refrigerator uses 655 kWh of energy per year in the form of electricity. Suppose that all of this electricity is generated at a power plant that burns coal containing 3.2% sulfur by mass and that all of the sulfur is emitted as SO2 when the coal is burned. If all of the SO2 goes on to react with rainwater to form H2SO4, what mass of H2SO4 does the annual operation of the refrigerator produce? (Hint: Assume that the remaining percentage of the coal is carbon and begin by calculating Hrxn for the combustion of carbon.)


2.05 \times 10^{6} \mathrm{g}



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Video Transcript

can't believe the standard change in Intel API for the compassion off carpet you Standard and Talibans off formation to calculate the standard changing in Tel Aviv for compassion off carbon, we have the balance chemical reaction be presented over here. Along with that, we have standard in Taliban formation for each off the reactant on the product as shown container the standard and tell a P change off. The reaction is given by the falling expression substituting in the values we have. Standard changes Negative. 393.5 Calo Jules Gun warding 655 kilowatt hour into June. Using the conversion factor, we have conversion ISS 2.36 into 10 days. Super nine jobs. No calculating the marks off carbon necessity to supply the required quantity off heat emitted. The reaction between carbon and oxygen is represented along with their mentality. The heat produced from the reaction is negative 2.36 in 2 10 days to part nine jewels. Calculating the number off moves off carbon necessity, which can be the dormant as 12 point 01 grams per month for the calculate, the mass off carbon burnt using the calculated mole and mullah moss from mold. From the formulas, Mole equals weight divided by Moeller must de arranging this formula and substituting in the values we have. Moss Off Goblin is 7.2 into 10 day stupor, four grams of carbon. The cold contained 3.2 posts and sell for by Mars, so the percentage of carbon will be 100 minus the prostate of sulfur. That is 96.8% now. Calculating the mass off cell for present in a cool, which turns out to be tow, Tow them 380.17 grams off cell phone. Now we need to calculate the moves off. Sulfur reacted in each reaction as shown the mold off soul for Turner Toby, 74.2 moons. Therefore, the marks off H two s 04 produces 7.3 into 10 days for three grams

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