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Problem 35 Easy Difficulty

A typical household in the United States has an average after-tax income of $\$ 45,000 .$ The graph at the right represents how this annual income is spent. Use this graph for Exercises 35 and 36.
Find the amount of money a typical household in the United States spends on housing per year.


A typical U.S. household spends $\$ 13,000$ on housing per year.


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Video Transcript

for this problem. We want to determine the money that a typical household spends per year on housing. So we know that the fraction is 13 45th. Um, and the income is 45,000. So if we take the fraction through 13 45th and multiply it by the 45,000 that the average American household makes, we see that if we place this over one because it's a whole number, uh, then what will end up doing is we can write this out as 13 times 45,000 over 45. We know that this 45 is going to cancel with this, leaving us with just 1000. And that means that $13,000 is spent on housing every year in the typical United States household.