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Problem 5

Given that all the choices are true, which one pr…

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Problem 4

A website-hosting service charges businesses a
onetime setup fee of $\$ 350$ plus $d$ dollars for each
month. If a business owner paid $\$ 1,010$ for the first
12 months, including the setup fee, what is the
value of $d$ ?
$$\begin{array}{l}{\text { A) } 25} \\ {\text { B) } 35} \\ {\text { C) } 45} \\ {\text { D) } 55}\end{array}$$

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Video Transcript

And so for this one, it says that there's a onetime started fee of three hundred dollars plus de dollars for each month. So that port it has to be our big or or why intercept because we know forward problems. Thie keywords for the white intercept Keep words are going to be like a initial value, our starting point or some kind of a one time fee or a service charge or something like that. Where happens once and then Not again. So it's not related to the rate. And then we know that this d dollars that's going to be our rate, which is our slope. So then we know that in terms of why it's equal Time Express B R B, we found to be three hundred fifty something. That's why I think, What's that Next? Plus three fifty and it's D dollars for each month. That's going to be. Why is equal to D X was three fifty, and that tells us that the owner paid a thousand and ten dollars for the first twelve months, including a selfie. So then we know that the total amount is the wine, which is one thousand ten and then the the amount of time is X. That's going to be twelve t those three. Fifty. So now we've only got one variable in this equation. So we just have to try to isolate that. I wouldn't do that by subtracting three hundred fifty from both sides if you subtract the inner Fatih from both sides. So one thousand and ten minus three fifty is six sixty. So we have six. Sixty is equal to talk so that in order to isolate that deep divide postal, it's by twelve on Get that d A is equal to fifty five, so D sorry answer.

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