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Problem 35

Only two isotopes of copper occur naturally: 63 C…


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Problem 34

(a) What is the mass in amu of a carbon-12 atom? (b) Why is the atomic weight of carbon reported as 12.011 in the table of elements and the periodic table in the front inside cover of this text?


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Video Transcript

all right, guys were doomed from 30 for Chapter two in chemistry Center Science. So what is the Mass and am you of a carbon 12? Adam that's going. So this is a 12 a.m. u. The number that comes up dash. That's the molecular weight of your isotope. Now what's the atomic weight of card reported as 12.11 in Table of elements and the period table in front inside cover of the sext so you can have different ah, different isotopes of carbon. This means that they isotopes are L. R. Adams that have the same number of protons. That different number of nutrients, like you can have carbon 12 and also carbon 14 and other different kinds of carbon isotopes. And based on the relative abundance of each isat hope we'd us. We developed the we measure the or rather, we calculate, the molecular weight, the molecular weight we have on your parent table that's not technically real. That's a weighted average of all the different isotopes based on their Wade waited based on their relative, abundant found in nature nature. That's why it's slightly different than what we That's why it's a fresh fraction as opposed to a complete mass number, because I should have tell you. But you can't. You can't have like a partial proton. A partial neutral. You sure you have to as us? Yes, they they're they're effectively home numbers. So this so that number you see on your parent table, that's really just an average of your different Isis.

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