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Problem 39

The molecular formula of allicin, the compound re…


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Problem 38

(a) What is the mass, in grams, of 1.223 mol of iron( III) sulfate?
(b) How many moles of ammonium ions are in 6.955 g of ammonium carbonate?
(c) What is the mass, in grams, of $1.50 \times 10^{21}$ molecules of aspirin, $\mathrm{C}_{9} \mathrm{H}_{8} \mathrm{O}_{4} ?$
(d) What is the molar mass of diazepam (Valium') if 0.05570 mol has a mass of 15.86 $\mathrm{g} ?$


a) 489.1 $\mathrm{g}$
b) 0.145 $\mathrm{mol}$
c) 0.45 $\mathrm{g}$
d) 284.74 $\mathrm{g} / \mathrm{mol}$



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Video Transcript

of them. Same First part of this problem, we have to find out the massing grams off one went toe to toe. Three mole off Iran. Three self it So to do that first we you have to know. But it is the mass ofthe one model of fire on three self it. And from there we can easily calculate the mass. Ingram's off. One would go to trim all off around yourself, so I don't herself. It has a formal off every two s o for three, and it's Moller Mas is three ninety nine point eighty eight gram per mall. That means it's one more. Contains three ninety nine point eight. Did Crumb. Therefore, one point two three mall will contain simply this mass times they small. There's one point. Go to three more times three. Ninety nine point eight eight Gramp er more and this will give us a value off four eighty nine point or fine. Graham. So this is the mass Ingram's off want want Toto Trimmel off Iran Three self. Now, in the second problem, we have to find out how many moles off ammonium I owns are in sister nine, five, five gram of ammonium carbonate? No. So first you have to know what is the Moler? Massive ammonium carbonate. That means one more of ammonium carbonate is ninety six point zero nine. Grandpa Ramon as it is, the molar mass of family. Um, Carmen. Now we have to find out what is the A number of malls for six per nine five five gram of ammonium carbonate. So ninety six point zero nine grant. Our mall is contained in one mole. That means six point nine five five Graham is containing six point nine five five over ninety six point a zero nine more, which is ultimately zero point zero seven. Two more. So this is the number off more for this mess of ammonium carbonate. And since one mole of ammonium carbonate contains, um, Ramallo vanish for around because we have in one Mollica loaf ammonium carbonate, we have, um, Trion off. Ammonium. That means one more off ammonium carbonate will contain Truman off Komal off ammonium ion. That means this much more often. Ammonium carbonate will contain this much most times two, which will give us point one, four four. Hey, Matloff. And when I have my own, So this is the number of more off And when am I on in the's Grandma? Ammonium carbonate. Knowing the next problem, we have to find out the mass. Ingram's off one point five you time stated about twenty one molecules off aspirin, so we know that. So how we can solve this problem first we have to do is we have to find out what is the number ofthe malls forthis many molecules of aspirin. And from there, as you know, that there is a relation between the malls and mess. So if we can find out the number of malls forthis many molecules off aspirin, we can find out what is the mass ofthe experience for this money molecules Some. It was started with the number of molecules in one mole of aspirin. And as you know that in one more off any molecule, we have six point zero two time stand with about twenty three molecules in one more. Therefore, this many molecules want one five zero times ten to the port. Twenty one molecules will bean no, um, one times this molecules. But we can directly convert this into a molar moccasins. One mole off, as Spain contains one eighty point on five eight gram, which is the molar mass of aspirin. That means one point five times tear. The board twenty one molecules We'LL have a mass off one point five zero times ten to the port, twenty one times one eighty point one five eight Graham, which will give us a value off zero point four five grams. So this is the mass off one point five times ten to the fourth point on molecules off Espen. Then, in this problem, we have to find out the molar mass off on dia Zip Bomb, which also named his failure. Mme. If this much more has a mass off fifteen point eight six gram, so there's a very easy and simple thing because one zero planned zero five five seven small contains fifteen point x six crumb. That means one more will contain fifteen point eight six gram over zero plant. Zero five five seven zero more, which is two eighty four point seven four Graham Permal. So this is the Mueller Mass, since there's the mess of one mole of aspirin that one more off this compound that Ms This is the molar mass off this compound

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