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Problem 31

Without doing any detailed calculations (but usin…


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Problem 30

(a) What is the mass, in grams, of one mole of $^{12} \mathrm{C} ?$ (b) How many carbon atoms are present in one mole of $^{12} \mathrm{C} ?$


a) See explanation for answer.
b) See explanation for answer.



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Video Transcript

in this problem, we're asked to find out what is the mass in grams off one mole off carbon. So the answer to this this question is, since one more off carbon it contains basically the atomic weight off one atom of carbon. That means one more off carbon drills mass in grams will be to a burnt zero grams, since one carbon atom contains toe atomic mass unit. And that's why one mole of carbon contents simply the same mess just in a different unit, which is in cram and actually, and the mess Ingram's off one more off carbon twelve is twelve Graham and said to the second question, is so here how many carbon atoms are presenting one mole off carbon twelve So as you know that from the Evel Address number that one more all the atoms contained same number off atoms, and that is six point zero two times ten to the party twenty three. So this is the number, um, and which many atoms are presenting one mole off all Adams, and they're so a warm alof. Carbon is not I'm no different, and that's way one mole of carbon contains six point zero times ten to the twenty three carbon atoms. And there's the answer to this question

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