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Problem 19

Write a balanced chemical equation for the reacti…


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Problem 18

(a) When a compound containing $\mathrm{C}, \mathrm{H},$ and $\mathrm{O}$ is completely combusted in air, what reactant besides the hydrocarbon is involved in the reaction? (b) What products form in this reaction? (c) What is the sum of the coefficients in the balanced chemical equation for the combustion of one mole of acetone, $\mathrm{C}_{3} \mathrm{H}_{6} \mathrm{O}(l),$ in air?


a) ethanol
b) carbon dioxide and water
c) 11



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Video Transcript

Okay, So if we consider on the formula for the hydrocarbon given here as c x h y oh, zem, then our first question here is What is that? What is the other react? And for the compassion off this hydrocarbon So compassion relation means the reaction it oxygen. That means see the compassion reaction one reactant will be always oxygen gas. So are answered Your first question, the other reactant here in this compassion nation is oxygen. Now, our second question is what will be the product in this compassion creation. So here we also have to also remember that, you know, compassion, creation. The products are always carbon dioxide gas. And what, Our paper, these are the constant corrects for all the compassion creation. So whatever died Rick Carmen is if the reactant is reacting with oxygen, the products will be always carbon dioxide and had risen. So answer Your second question. Is, um, CEO to guess and h two in the pepper form or dumb and the farm now R tard question is were created balanced communication for the compassion off assitant, which has a form love C three x six o She'LL be in liquid form will react with oxygen gas in the compassionate nation to produce Theo Bless H tour not a balanced this racially question. First, you right down. Um, our it's space is present in both sides. Okay, so first you'LL balance the number of carbons, then we'LL balance the number of high treason and then the how number of oxygen. So to start with the carbon, we have three carbon in the reactors sign and we have one carbon in the port. Outside. We have six hide risen in the reactor sign and we have to hide risen in the port side. Then we have one plus two three oxygen in the reactor sign. And we have Cooper this one tree oxygen in their blood outside. Now, first we have to balance the number of carbons and we can see that we have three carbon in the reactor inside, But one career in the process the mineral multiplied our place three before this Theo too. Which will give us three carbon in the poorer side. Also. But now we have three times two six plus one seven oxygen present in the burdock site and we'LL balance it later. First you'LL menace or had risen. So now we have our carbon. Bella snow will balance or had risen. So you have six had risen in the reaction sign. But we have good reason. In the product side, that means well, place it three here to have six had risen in total. That means two times three we'll get six had risen in the in the border side also. So now we have a number of hydrogen Also balanced now will balance our oxygen. Okay, so when we have multiplied, this had risen by three documents. We have also Ma liberate this oxygen. Wait three. That means we have three plus three times to six total nine oxygen in the product site. All right, so now we have nine oxygen in the parasite and we have three oxen in the reactor site. So I need six more oxygen in the reactor inside. And if we place four here than we have four times to a tox is in. And one oxygen, That means in total now in the reactor inside. Also, we have, um, nine o seven. So now we can see that our number off carbon is balanced. Our number of I'd chosen is balanced and our number off oxygen is balanced. So that means this equation is now a balanced equation for the conversion of accident. Now, our question was two. I'll find a some of them some of the coefficients off the re accidents and protect. So hear our accidents. Coalition is one. Our oxygen conversion is four. Our pseudo coefficient is three and a television history. So the sum of the coefficient is one plus four plus three plus three shall give us, um eleven. So this is the sama bda coefficients of the balanced chemical equation for there, uh, compassion off acetone.

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