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Problem 34

(a) Under what condition will the enthalpy change…


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Problem 33

(a) Why is the change in enthalpy usually easier to measure than the change in internal energy? (b) $H$ is a state function, but $q$ is not a state function. Explain. (c) For a given process at constant pressure, $\Delta H$ is positive. Is the process endothermic or exothermic?


a) see on the solution
b) see on the solution
c) see on the solution



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Video Transcript

you know that e it cost you, but that it you can ask at constant pressure. It is easier to measure at the beach. It is because it is thie change constant pressure With a constant pressure, it flow can be measures. The change in temperature at constant pressure is change confirmation. Let us change. Preacher, they're us at the Hey require Kil Ahn. Do you work? But so little choir put. You don't work okay? No. And, he said did function because it depends only on the specific condition of the system. The plant one day system specific condition presentation Q. Is there any change? And it depends on how to change his i Q. And I did it depends on how day King is it here for a given process and concentrate that ate his prosit e in the eighties. Positive in process is entertaining. It's his end atomic reaction and coming as positive in time. And that's it

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