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Problem 50 Hard Difficulty

A woman at a point $ A $ on the shore of a circular lake with radius $ 2 mi $ wants to arrive at the point $ C $ diametrically opposite $ A $ on the other side of the lake in the shortest possible time (see the figure). She can walk at the rate of $ 4 mi/h $ and row a boat at $ 2 mi/h $. How should she proceed?


She should just walk along the circumference to reach the point $C$


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Video Transcript

someone given um information that a woman was on a short restricted awake has shown here there is two miles she wants to go to see which is on the outside of lake today. Now it tells us that she can walk at four mph and will vote at two mph. one is the best way to emerge. Get them the first we know that the races from out top man the gate eight B directly across the lake. 3- four mi. Which if she can roam About two mph. Is she the former? Mhm. The originals. Right. Well, We also used to want four mph. Redefine your company of this charcoal which makes two pi r just fine. But she only looks like you have that no through which is passed. And we should watch for math now. So yeah, to climb out right or wow wow. Mhm. I am which knows which is what and two hours. So she should walk