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Problem 6

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Problem 5

According to an article in the Economist about the healthcare system in the United Kingdom: "A defining principle of the National Health Service is that it is "free at the point of delivery." What does "free at the point of delivery" mean? Is health care actually free to residents of the United Kingdom? Briefly explain.


The healthcare system in the United Kingdom is a socialized system of health care and is one
of the oldest systems, with origins going back to colonial times. The system hasn't changed much
at its core functioning but its mechanics have become 'modernized'.

The essence of NHS (National Health Service) of the U.K.K is that it owns most of the hospitals. In
other words, the medical system in the U.K is publicly owned. Its the largest health service in
the world, employing some 1.7 million individuals- doctors, nurses and other personnel are
employees of the NHS, working at the will of public service.

This system is in much contrast with the health services observed in much of the high income
countries like USA, Canada and Japan, where most of the health service is now privatized, the
government only playing the role of passing legislations and laws for proper regulation of the
health service. In these nations, there is a 'cost to towards health as consumers have to buy health insurance. These insurance businesses then deliver the appropriate assistance required
according to the premium paid by the consumer. Thus in the USA, health system is more like a
private market where insurance businesses sell their insurance policies while consumers buy
these policies. There is always a financial transaction going on.

In contrast, the system in U.K is different. Much of the economic diaspora has described the
British system as 'free of cost simply because of the socialist principles it follows. In socialism,
the government does the role of deliverance in return for some taxes the population pays in
bulk. In such a scenario, nearly everything a taxpayer pays, gets covered up in the services he/she receives from the government, thus making it free' during deliverance. In Britain, the
consumers do not have to buy insurance policies to get their treatments delivered instead the
government delivers it for "free, its costs indirectly being covered up in taxes, instead of paying
individually for each insurance, policy.

Chapter 5
The Economics of Health Care
Section 2
Health Care around the World



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