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Problem 44

Height of a Mountain While traveling across flat …

Problem 43

Airplane Ascent An airplane leaves the runway climbing at an angle of $18^{\circ}$ with a speed of 275 feet per second (see figure). Find the altitude $a$ of the plane after 1 minute.





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Video Transcript

Okay, so we have our altitude. Here are degree of 18 degrees. I mean, is that speed? The speed is equal to 275 feet for a second. And let's convert like B in terms of minutes, so that's gonna be 2 75 feet over seconds. And there 60 seconds in a minute. So we get 16 500 feet for a minute, okay? And in our altitude of the plane in a minute. And a sense of 80 degrees is people too. 16 500 times are fine of 18. The great, which were being 5098 0.7.

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