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Problem 26 Easy Difficulty


$\mathrm{m}\left(\mathrm{C}_{6} \mathrm{H}_{10} \mathrm{S}\right)=300,14 \mathrm{g}$
$\mathrm{N}(\mathrm{C})=1,13^{*} 10^{24}$ atoms


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Video Transcript

so we have to find out. Ah, mess off. 2.63 Most, uh, other cell fight. And also we can we have two found a number of Captain Atom going for 5.7 gravel l herself. Right. Okay, so first off for ah, before we do any coalition were divided by the mass off this company. So I can attest for you have a structural formula, but I I just calm down. Um, that's to something called condoms formula. You were much more easy to find them with the mass. Okay, so far more pure tape. Your table. You should be able to find that out. Oh, at the mother mass. Ah, Sequels to ah, one and four point on seven grand for mole. So you just at off the morning mass on individual atoms together, and then you should be able to find that. Okay, So when we read the mass off to Pontus Fi moles all hatches for easy. So you remember an informal equals thio mass over, um, all of us. You want to find a mask, you're just a number. Most multiply by their mass. So we have 2.62 weeks we'll fly by. I want more than this. And then 63 time. When? 14.7. It's still seven over there and we should be able to find that is 300. Ah, Grant Frigia Cramp. So bizarre. Most. And this is a gram for Mo. All right, so we're Singer Grant. Okay, so how about the number off? More Sorry. The lumber off carbon atom when we have Ah 3 35.7 grandma there. So if I So again we did. You found our Barbosa, huh? Not us Self echo first. So we'll be free. 5.7 gram divided by 117 One way for 107 grand per roll. So we know that Adam bomb also for 507 Do I want with a 4.7 You cruise too. 0.313 Most Okay, so we have to go back to look at our mark You. So for each of the market, we were have six carbon, so the number off most off carbon in the market will be equal zero hour total Brahmos tires six We will we have for each off them that we have our six carbon. So we have cereal for fuel. And three times six. Where? One point. Ah, 678 Most off carbon again for ah, we wanted We want to know the number. Um, at him. So we just ticked outnumber most. We'll play by our RV casual number, and then we should be able to find knows. Uh uh, Toto, A month off, atom ese. 1.1 of three times 10 to the power twice.