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Problem 1 Easy Difficulty

An airplane has a mass of $3.1 \times 10^{4} \mathrm{kg}$ and takes off under the influence of a constant net force of $3.7 \times 10^{4} \mathrm{N}$ . What is the net force that acts on the plane's $78-\mathrm{kg}$ pilot?




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Video Transcript

he just in force off 3.7 times sent to the four. Newtons is acting on the airplane, and it makes the airplane takes up at the same kind. There is some force acting on the pilot off that airplane as airplane they lost. What is that Force T. To know that we have to note the following. The pilot is constrained by the seatbelt to accelerate together with the airplane. So what we knew is that acceleration off the pilot is the same as acceleration off the airplane, and I call it a Let me call the mouth off the pilot and crime not to confuse if the matter of the airplane. So all we have to do now it's Catholic acceleration off the airplane by using you to a second law by doing that together, following for more, he goes to the Man Times Next generation, for the acceleration off the airplane is because to the force invited by the mash, and then it is in close to 3.7 time, stand to the form divided by 3.1 time. Stand to the court. That is a simplification off this tent before factor and they got 3.7 divided by 3.1. Now that we know the acceleration, we can complete one of the force that is acting on the pilot because we know now that the relation of the pilot is because the 3.1, because he's tired, tow the airplane by the seat belt so they must generate together. Now how can you Cos the force that is acting on the pilot can do it again by using you to a second law. The forest that is acting on the pilot is because the mass off the pilot and prime time's speculation and these these equals to 78 times 3.7 divided by frequent one. And these give alors approximately 93 new toes on disease before that is acting on the pilot.