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Problem 8

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Problem 7

An elementary school teacher with 25 students plans to have each of them make a poster about two different states. The teacher first numbers the states (in alphabetical order, from 01-Alabama to 50-Wyoming), then uses a random number table to decide which states each kid gets. Here are the random digits:
a) Which two state numbers does the first student get?
b) Which two state numbers go to the second student?


a) First, consider the pair digits, the first student get the first state number is 45 Vermont. The next
number is $92^{\text { th }}$ state which we need to ignore because we have to consider only 50 states. The first student gets the next number which is 10 for Georgia.
b) We have continuing the process of random numbers. The second student gets the next state
number 17 which is for Kentucky. The next number is 10 which are for Georgia already assigned
so we need to ignore. The second student gets the next state number 22 which is for Michigan.



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