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Problem 94 Hard Difficulty


$\mathrm{m}(\mathrm{NO})=594,198 \mathrm{g}$


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Video Transcript

So we're looking at the intermediate step in production, Actually, asset. So it's between I'm lonelier and also gentle, but he's not sure in Mombasa and also reporter. Okay. How many Graham off, Najim? Unless I can't be forming the Russian way for 85 grand more, I'm only a and also we have our seven and then into Graham off oxygen. Okay, so first of all, we have to balance the chemical reaction and that we are looking at. I'm only I'm only I'm only am so you should go. And actually, and it's for you. Okay, so we're going to bounce the chemical reaction just the first step for doing anything. So we actually we fall. Surgeons are and know any showgirl. So, um, for Metuchen, huh? Look like a bond. So we don't have to us worry about that at this moment for oxygen. Also responded. So they're fine right above two before hydrogen is not plans. Beware of level. Where? Three on the right. We have to. So, in order to a bond said I would like to put up with you two. You have a nova and H three and three. So I have six oxygen and down the right. I also get through. Three Have six. Um, hydrogen. I mean, imagine Austria. So 600 on the left and 600. Right? Okay, so we know that the two year from off among Liam, I'm only a so I also the platoon, Internal energy and all, you know, did Superman's. There are natural. Okay, so the next stab is we have the bonds. Ah, the lumber off oxygen s. So we have to also general left. We have, ah, five all sitting on the right files that you want to write. So I would like to just a fraction over here. How it will make things will be easier. They were five divided by two, so we would have five. We will have five oxygen. So we have really do a chat. We have 2 90 general left to original, right, six hydrogen on the left. Also six original, right, And every five original left. And also five also, you know. Right. Okay, so we have bombs. Chemical reaction like stab. We were going to cover everything that we have to dinner. Momo's. Okay, So we're going to take our number off the mass of our I'm only young people by the limbo. Most off. Yeah. So is 14. Forces were in past we on. We should have 28.5 bows. Okay. Seems mean for oxygen. It would be twenties, 4.8 more. All right, so they had a little more Most Okay, So if we want to You ah, found the limb thing. We age and we can pick either one off the even one off the reaction. And then we assume we fully were there. What would be the corresponding amounts that we need for the other? We had. So you see, we want to wear off and anxiously. What would be the lumber on Morse off Also in that we need Okay, so the way show you can see that's too thio fi over too. Oh, you can forget to be Ah, number five developers 2.5. So we have 2 to 2.5. If you also further to simplify the way show, we will have ah, have to have everything you want by the small number. So we have 2.52 bites Teal'c finding by two. Now it's one to ah to five between the ah, the way show is, uh, between ammon Ammon, the ah. And also also Jim. Okay, so if we need to we're off the 28.5 bull off them. Only a the oxygen that we need will be 28.5 time 1.1 to 5, and then we need 32.1 mo off oxygen that we need. However, the actual oxygen Don't we have this lesson that so? That's why the oxygen we read. In the meantime, we happen, and we're going to use this limited reactant to find out. Ah, corresponding. Ah, number most off natural born outside nitrogen will not So and then we confound the mass of national mourning. Okay, so many ways. Some off the area over here. Okay, so we have the limbo. Moreover, oxygen and we know that order is limiting the agents. All of every convert. You pulled it and we are using this. Ah, limbo most to find the number number most off annual again. We're looking at the motorway show, so we have five. They were by 2 to 2. And then, um the way show is oxygen to anil sausage into an Oh, so we have 2.52 to you, so we have one point. Um, 2.5, the wife. So we have 1.25 Thio one. Okay, so this will be our oxygen. It's a five hour and all I know. Okay, So the number one most of an alien here we'll be equals Thio our limbo most off oxygen divided bye. 1.25 and you will have 19.8 more off. Ah, nitrogen monoxide Silien. We'll convert that thio mass especially for his take 19.8 mo off mansion will also timeto move them ass of national Melissa so we should be able to find that is equal to 594 Graham off 1919 most painful deals.