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Problem 38 Hard Difficulty

An object with weight $W$ is dragged along a horizontal plane by a force acting along a rope attached to the object. $\\$
If the rope makes an angle $\theta$ with the plane, then the magnitude of the force is $\\$
F=\frac{\mu W}{\mu \sin \theta+\cos \theta}
$$ $\\$
where $\mu$ is a constant called the coefficient of friction. $\\$
(a) Find the rate of change of $F$ with respect to $\theta$. $\\$
(b) When is this rate of change equal to $0 ?$$\\$
(c) If $W=50$ Ib and $\mu=0.6$, draw the graph of $F$ as a function of $\theta$ and use it to locate the value of $\theta$ for which $d F / d \theta=0 .$ Is the value consistent with your answer to part (b)?


a) $\frac{d F}{d \theta}=\frac{\mu W(\sin \theta-\mu \cos \theta)}{(\mu \sin \theta+\cos \theta)^{2}}$
b) $\theta=\arctan \mu$


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Christabel M.

October 11, 2020

Differentiate with respect to t. y = a cos(t) + t^2 sin(t)


David Base G.

October 26, 2020

Finally, now I'm done with my homework


Catherine A.

October 27, 2020

it gives us more lesson to learn

Video Transcript

the problem given to us here we want to find the derivative of the trigger metric function. So first we're asked to find the rate of change of F. With respect to data. So here we're going to be using the question rule. So we're gonna have that D. F. E. Data. No mm is equal to below times the derivative of the high. So that's going to be um minus high time to the River of love. So what we end up getting is new which are Detroit is M. New W. Times Sine of theta minus new coast science data. Yeah. And then this is all going to be over new sign data plus coastline data. This whole thing is squared. That's the collection role. So that's how we express this. And then we also want to know when this is equal to zero. We see that's when the arc tangent of. We have the arc tangent of mu um So we can graph this function as well and see that this will be a consistent relationship.

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