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Problem 46 Easy Difficulty

An observer in a coasting spacecraft moves toward a mirror at speed $v$ relative to the reference frame labeled by $\mathrm{S}$ in Figure P 26.46. The mirror is stationary with respect to $\mathrm{S}$ . A light pulse emitted by the spacecraft travels toward the mirror and is reflected back to the spacecraft. The spacecraft is a distance $d$ from the mirror (as measured by observers in $\mathrm{S} )$ at the moment the light pulse leaves the spacecraft. What is the total travel time of the pulse as measured by observers in (a) the S frame and (b) the spacecraft?


1.47 $\mathrm{km}$


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Video Transcript

{'transcript': "in discussion both off the worst. Neither that speed off light to be in part in all the total travel time, which is they're 30 is and over a crest related to the middle. See the lights travel after distance even because it was too deep from the spacecraft. Oh, Toto, the meeting. But the distance which is D to visit, was to Dean minus Wieder. Dar es demons. Reader 30 is from the mere back to the spacecraft because the spacecraft has never the distance, which is the dirty yes, forward. Therefore, the total distance traveled by the light is being sick was two divan plus B two, which is close to D plus D minus me. DEL. 30 years is a close to see the tears and the dirtiest physical through to be divided very steep last week. Now, in part B, we have the over there were in the spacecraft meter or land contracted initial distance toe the middle off, which is N is supposed to be under route one minus me square off in sequence on the Mir moving toward the ship at speed. We consider the motion off light toward the media in time interval darker pigment. Light travels toward the mirror at ticket Steve, while the middle travel toward the spacecraft at your week together. Their travel The distance l Now we have cedar that even see off their 31 plus. Have you dealt art? Even if it was to end Hence Delta even visit was to L upon c plus me. When the light strikes the meter, it is the distance. Irish, which is Aldo is equal to your elder. She was toe l minus lead derrota Steven from the spacecraft. The light must travel black back through this team distance to return the spacecraft, which is the Delta T two is a goes toe l minus b there don t even which tends to delta 32 is it was to l a ponce t minus we up once the u Delta t one. The total time travel is their dirty even plus Delta Tito between peoples to a phone C plus feet plus l upon c minus b upon. See Berta Stephen here. The total time travel is they're not even place their 32 which is the goes toe l upon C plus wing plus l. A one c minus three by Sea Delta Even now l upon c plus v plus l by C minus Revising into LBC plus one, we get L C plus l interest e plus V minus. Calvi divided by C in Giusti Blessed me images equals two tools and see two off Elsie upon city into thief Leslie Patillo was toe to a one c plus three into ot under Ruto's one minus We square versus where we can cancel c two c. We get there 31 plus their 32. It was toe to be upon state under oath C minus me, divided by seat, less weak."}

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