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Problem 44 Medium Difficulty

An oxide of nitrogen contains 30.45 mass $\% \mathrm{N}$ . (a) What is the empirical formula of the oxide? (b) If the molar mass is $90 \pm 5 \mathrm{g} / \mathrm{mol},$ what is the molecular formula?


a) empirical formula: $\mathrm{NO}_{2}$
b) Molecular formula: $\mathrm{N}_{2} \mathrm{O}_{4}$


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Video Transcript

we have all South nitrogen is 40.45 or several fashion by mass. So what would be the end people for murder And also Eve the, um, the masses. 90%. Last five grand, Perma. What would be the market of formula? So we first staff party, what would be the chemical formula? So, uh, people were looking at the masters and thinks we can assume that we have one Joe Graham off our, um, all silent nitrogen. So therefore, we have 30 44 5 graham off nine Children. Okay, so we just need to convert back to lumber. Most of us. Um okay. So, uh, okay. Before we doing that? Ah, we also have oxygen. That's what we're oxide elf. Naturally. So we can also calculate the mass off. Oxygen therapy equals the 100 people. Were someone your crime minus 13 44 5 grams were 65.55 grams off oxygen. So we're gonna work it to number almost full for the number most off oxygen. There will be, Ah, 22.17 Felipe, mo. And ever oxygen you will be, um, 4.347 more. All right, So you're the father of foreigner. We're going to set up the way. Show between the number more for nitrogen and so and also the oxygen and everyone's simplify it. So we're going to divide the whole everything about the smallest thumper coupon. 1/7. We we should be able to find that away show is what you earn wants you to nitrogen oxygen. So we have an over two for the empirical formula. Okay, We can, uh, move on. OK, See, we have no the empirical farmers. And what you and these chemical formula We'll have a molar mass. Um 14. 16 times 2 46 uh, gram for move. So we're going to take out Toto with a mass Ah, divided by our empirical for former member of the Mass. So, um, but you can you can see the estate Ruby person minus five gram. So from here, we can separate two such a scenario so we can have ah, 95. And also we got 1/2 85 because his nineties, the center and the undefined. And if I will find out the bank free between the lumber. Okay, I assume we have 95. Ah, we're doing had 90 find you want by 46. Ah, we will find that the mother of all was perfect. I have learned to upon cereal six again is what we have learned to every 85 there were 46. We have them live or roughly around. Um, 1.4, um five. Also roughly around, too. If you think the center lumber 90 divide our forces. We also have 40 around one point now. Six. Also remember the two. So, uh, from from the upper boundary and their center ah will amass ethicists corresponding 90 years 95. And this knife ugly five. We can see that the multiple also is ah, free around too. So we can know that the mogul formula should be And 204 with the mobile by two. We just multiply that to, um, hour