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Problem 111

Analyze An element has three naturally occurring …

Problem 110

Apply Which is greater, the number of compounds or
the number of elements? The number of elements or the
number of isotopes? Explain.


- Number of compounds is greater than the number of elements, as compounds are countless.
- Number of isotopes, as most elements have many isotopes which makes it more than the number of elements.



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Video Transcript

So now we'll work on problem 1 10 from chapter four. This problem asks us, uh, do we have a greater number of compounds or elements and greater number elements or isotopes? No. So we have more compounds, been elements. That's the first question. So we do have a greater number of compounds elements, and this is because we know how many elements we have theirs, Uh, roughly 100 A little over 100 on the periodic table. However, these elements can be combined in many, many different ways to form different compounds. So we have much more compounds. We do elements. You, um the 2nd 1 is there more isotopes or more elements? And the answer here is that again, we have more isotopes, uh, then elements. And this is because once again, we only have a little over 100 elements. But many of those elements have multiple isotopes, and because of this, we have much more ice. It

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