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Problem 1 Easy Difficulty

Are the following quantities vectors or scalars? Explain.
(a) The cost of a theater ticket
(b) The current in a river
(c) The initial flight path from Houston to Dallas
(d) The population of the world


a) Scalar.
b) vector.
c) Vector.
d) Scalar.


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Video Transcript

Right. Okay. What you need to remember is scalar just means a number. What a vector is a quantity that has a magnitude and a direction. Can a magnitude could be linked. It could be wait, It could be speed. Okay. Any kind of number measurement that's the size of something. That's the magnitude. All right. So, the cost of a theater ticket, That's $12. $4,000. I don't have to tell you any direction for this theater ticket. So that one is a scaler. All right. The current in the river here you are in a river in your kayak. Which way are you going to go? Well, it depends on the current. And so I have to tell you which way the river is flowing and how fast. So is it going that way or is it going that way? So, I have to tell you a direction and a magnitude speed and direction. That's a vector. Yeah. Okay, now this one's a little bit questionable, but I think, okay, here's Houston. Here's Dallas. You're in your airplane point this way. Okay. So there's a direction. And I'm assuming that when they say the initial flight path, they're also telling you how fast to go. So if that's not right, then I don't know what it is. Okay. But if they tell you a direction and how fast to go, then it's a vector. Okay. The population of the world. That's just a number. So that's a scalar. Okay