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Problem 15 Easy Difficulty

Assume that $ f $ is a one-to-one function.

(a) If $ f(6) = 17 $ , what is $ f^{-1} (17) $?
(a) If $ f^{-1} (3) = 2 $ , what is $ f(2) $?


a) $f^{-1}(17)=6$
b) $f(2)=3$

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Video Transcript

in this problem. We're talking about inverse functions and particularly coordinate pairs that would fall on inverse functions. And one of the features of inverse functions is that if F of X contains the point a B, then f inverse of X will contain the point B A. So the coordinates switch places a and B switch. So if you have the 0.6 17 as a point on f of X, you're going to have the 170.0.17 6 as a point on F in verse. So that tells us that F inverse of 17 will be six. Similarly, if you have the 0.32 on f inverse, you're going to have the 0.23 on F and so f of two will be three.