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Problem 31 Medium Difficulty

At a certain point in a coal gasification process, a sample of the gas is taken and stored in a $1 \mathrm{L}$ cylinder. An analysis of the mixture yields the following results:
\hline \text { Component } & \mathbf{H}_{2} & \mathrm{CO} & \mathrm{CO}_{2} & \mathrm{N}_{2} \\
\hline \text { Percent by mass } & 2 & 45 & 28 & 25 \\
Determine the mole fractions and total mass in the cylinder at $100 \mathrm{kPa}$ and $20^{\circ} \mathrm{C}$. How much heat must be transferred to heat the sample at constant volume from the initial state to $100^{\circ} \mathrm{C} ?$


$m=9.942 \times 10^{-4} \mathrm{~kg}$
$Q=0.07205 \mathrm{kJ}$


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Video Transcript

everybody. So this one's asking us how much he must be crazy. For example, Constant volume are Celsius. Okay, so for this we have V M R Mix. He needed fine. The our necks first guys for that, um, were gonna do, uh what would I do it you 0.2482 c, I and all right, I'm just saying, let me break out these numbers. You got 4.1243 for the m I. Okay. And so this is your C I Hi. Here. Uh, that's And now we have a 0.45 90.9. And that is you see? Oh, no. Lady down exploded seconds. 0.8 fines. Here it was. 0.8. Make sure you get a great number. Times 0.19 Okay. Plus 0.250 point nine And leave us that in 0.9. You're right. This one is oh, here to save your And this one is your and you can find all these numbers. And so that is going to give us a 0.3431 Jules, hold three arms. You have happy memories. This it's OK. You know, You look in the book, you press this part. Hopefully not party, Remember. 1000 is this is a really relaxed field and that's why I love it. Syria PV equals r t so effectively we have 100. And if the volume way have three and it was him and the rates you have your old are next to 0.3 or wanted. And for hello temperature. We have 20 busts. And so you 3.15 and so you're em is equal to 0.0 zero 0994 Hey, these look like 9.942 um, a times 10 negative for Children. We just want it look nicer Long numbers. Now we dio need undersea mix, okay, And where they have to be a 0.0 to find dead boy 085 It's that looks Kaiser and that's equal to plus 0.45 times 0.744 plus 0.28 times 0.653 plus 0.25 times 0.745 equals 0.90 559 Sheila jewels for kilograms times. Okay, But Melvin, there was a squirrel down here. World squirrel. There we go. Whoa! Like these English accents. Marie the A. Because you won. Yeah, minus one. And he's gonna get 99 or you fines for held in kilograms trying to 0.95 lines. 100 my And in this be it 0.75