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Problem 57 Medium Difficulty

At what point of the curve $ y = \cosh x $ does the tangent have slope ?


$(\ln (1+\sqrt{2}), \sqrt{2})$

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Video Transcript

Hello. So this is an incomplete question. Will we still do that? So this question is about the differentiation of hyperbolic function. That So the question requires us to find a point at four cost hyperbolic at which the 10 there is a slope logically there should be a value of slow given for which we will find a point lead for this question to get the concept. We could suppose the value of slope to be three. So all in all the questions requires us to find the point at cost hyperbolic Forward the slope of the Tangent is three. So if we you know we know that real that whenever we need to find a tangent was ready and we need to differentiate our function is why Because of course hyperbolic and the different different differential. Of course hyperbolic is simply sign hyper bullet. No, we need to find the value of X. For which the sine hyperbolic is three. Simply if we do sine hyperbolic inverse. We will get the value of X. S. Right. No, we have we have found the value of actually simply need to find the value of why for this function that is caused hyperbolic. So simply when we put the value 1.82 we will get the .3.17. Approximately 3.17. Therefore the R point would be 1.8 to 3.17. This is the point at course hyperbolic forward ingredient. It is M word victory. Thank you. Okay

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