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Problem 45 Easy Difficulty

At what point on the curve $x=t^{3}, y=3 t, z=t^{4}$ is the
normal plane parallel to the plane $6 x+6 y-8 z=1 ?$



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Video Transcript

{'transcript': "The problem is, I know what point on the curve actually got this. Q. Why could guarantee see Constantine to palm off or is normal plane parallel to the playing six x six line Once spent. See you see what now to start? It's a normal actor. Have normal playing is R from here hard and this thing caught you Q. All right on the th floor. Normal actor off. This client is equal to six six Negative. Eight. It's no more playing parallel to the plane six x six y minus eight of the while, Miss, I keep prom is panel two six six Negative eight. So actually prime physical too. Great Squire. Three on DH for his cue. This is called in from this. Just like turd is allowed to six six ninety eight. We're half three. His squire is equal to one half times six on his cue. If they got to have I'm selective bit then we're half. He is too. Next t What? When he is going to know why behalf? The point is thank you. Want negative three on one. So at this point, the normal plane is parallel to the plane. Six sacks past six y minus into see you see what What"}

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