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Problem 11

State the second law of thermodynamics. How does …

Problem 10

Based on its fundamental definition, explain why entropy is a measure of energy dispersion.


A state in which a given amount of energy is more highly dispersed has more entropy than a state in which the same energy is more highly concentrated. This results in an increase in the number of energetically equivalent ways to arrange the components of the system to achieve that particular state.



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Video Transcript

So the question is, why is entropy a measure of energy description? And so that goes back to the definition of entropy given here that I pulled from your textbook, where entropy is a thermodynamic function that increases with the number energetically equivalent ways to run into components of the system talking together state. So the answer lies in the definition is a measure of energy dispersion because is related to the number of energy tickly equipment ways. So there are multiple ways to arrange a system that air energetically equivalent. So it relates to how that energy is dispersed throughout a system. And so that's why entropy is the find is such.

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