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Problem 28

Calculate the percentage of carbon by mass in eac…


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Problem 27

Based on the following structural formulas, calculate the percentage of carbon by mass present in each compound:


a) 79.2$\%$
b) 63.15$\%$
c) 64.6$\%$



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Video Transcript

for option a Benzali hide, which has a total molecule. Oh, vite! As 106 Here, the percentage of carbon is ditto mind as there are seven carbon atoms with the weed off. 12 on dhe. The total molecular beat off de compound is 106 multiplied, with 100 giving us 79.2 wasn't for option B for auction be the total more legal Evite. Off the compound is 100 and 52. There are eight carbon atoms with the molecule of it off. 12 to fight it by 100 and 52.14 in 200 giving us the percentage bye moss off carbon atom be 63.15% or option c the ice. So gentile acid. Tate has a molecular formula off 130.18 Number off. Carbon are seven molecular weight. Off carbon is 12 total model glue. It is 130.18 in 200 giving us the mass percent off carbon atom be 64 point five. It wasn't

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