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Problem 54 Medium Difficulty

BIO Heart Pump Rate When at rest, your heart pumps blood at the rate of 5.00 liters per minute $(\mathrm{L} / \mathrm{min}) .$ What are the volume and mass of blood pumped by your heart in one day?



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Video Transcript

in this problem we are given. Okay, We f which is actually will you Florida blood. Yeah, which is bumped by our herd is equal to five liters. We're late in the first part of this question. We have to find the volume for him. We take you in per day. So for that will you flow will be called to five liters. But minute is equal to five liters. Multiply by 1 m, cubed right by when we just keep contents. 1000 Peters and in one did era. Okay, 440. Yes. So when you saw this, you get what in Florida is equal to 7.2. We take you per day. So that means they were heart pumps About 7.2 m cubed volume off the blood in Uganda, which is the answer. The first part of this question Now we will move toward the second part of the question. It is part of the of this question in which we know the density of blood is equal to a bit higher, didn't quarter and it is equal to 1060 kg. Primitive cube as we know they danced E of blood is equal to mass flow introverted by volume flow, so we can find the question format flow by religion expression so master will be called to dusty of blood market volume flow His desktop studies 1060 kg permitted cube and volume flow of the blood is equal to has found earlier 7.2 m cube Where do you So when it's all this, we get must flow Rate of blood is equal to 7632 Casey per day So that means her heart pumps about 7600 to cage of blood in a single day, which is the answer to the second part of the question. Thank you for watching video.