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Problem 32 Hard Difficulty

Blood Types The number of recognized blood types between species is given in the following table. In Exercise 43 of the previous section, the mean was found to be 7.38. Source: The Handy Science Answer Book.
a. Find the variance and the standard deviation of these data.
b. How many of these animals have blood types that are within 1 standard deviation of the mean?


a. variance $=14.76, \quad$ $=3.84$
b. $10 .$


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Video Transcript

in this problem, we have to find the baby. It's understand that aviation often above black tights for certain given anyone's the number of black tights we will do. Notice them by X so faster, even fine. The submission X So mission access equal to 96 now corresponding toe each x value. First we will find it square that is Ex quipped then deviated its some the this submission X square. So Mission X squared is equal to 86 Now, as we know deform love for very it is submission X squared minus and multiply by x box square Their experience on me divided by a minus one. So mission X squared. The pound is equal to 86 minus and the justice eyes off this own boat This and punky what is off animals? It is off Tourky any months so over anything. Well, according my deadline. But square off the mean indeed cautioned me given is seven point to the it So the vinick 7.38 square divided by and minus one. Our anything well to 13 so and minus one Is it world do tren and therefore our baby it's is it will do 40 point every three. See, you know, to this is our baby INTs. And as we know, standard deviation is the square Adoptive aliens So s is equal to another route. A square that this another route 14.830 Do this is it will do 3.85 months. So we have found variance after standard attribution In the next part of this asked that how many off these l must have blood types that evidence white Standard division off the mean to answer this we will compute. X bar minus s and exact plus s expert minuses is 7.38 minus 3.851 This is it will do 3.5 to 9 and expect less s is equal. Duke 7.38 We just think he won me. Yes, this time that they be assured that this three point in 51 so exact process is equal. Do Larry point total even it's chemically only seen in the given that they got any muss. I have black times the coveting but standard division off the mean that this they are between 3.5 to 9 and 11.23 Even so, tell any must have black types that have been buster in the division off the me.

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