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Problem 95 Hard Difficulty


$\mathrm{m}\left(\mathrm{O}_{2}\right)=11,41 \mathrm{g}$
$\mathrm{n}\left(\mathrm{H}_{2} \mathrm{O}\right)=5^{*} \mathrm{n}\left(\mathrm{C}_{4} \mathrm{H}_{10}\right)=0,275 \mathrm{mol}$
$\mathrm{N}($ total $)=\mathrm{N}\left(\mathrm{H}_{2} \mathrm{O}\right)+\mathrm{N}\left(\mathrm{CO}_{2}\right)=2,99^{*} 10^{23} \mathrm{molecules}$


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Video Transcript

So we have a beauty going to undergo a combustion reaction we have. We've also beautiful this water and also see what you and, um what would be the, um, massive Ah, oxygen required to come to the birth of beauty. And then for me, what will be the lumber most off water form, where all the building burns and also harming number most of total gas inform where all the good things being burnt. Okay, so first of all, we had Teoh, right? A band's Camco reaction. So we know that the beauty is going to, um we have oxygen to form water and see what's here. So we're gonna bonds. It's the first of four rebounds are carbon. So I four come four cabins are just put four cabin, You fend off CRC what? You and then we have 10. Call surgeon. So we put a five run off water to have 10 oxygen and that's below is we're going to bands the afternoon. So on the right, we have five purse. Ah, so we have five also, June and then we have eight oxygen. So we have 13 offstage and 13 oxygen. So these are all number So we're going to use a fashion here. Just make things that will be easier. So we have 13 deal by too. So we are also a 13. Um, Oxygen 11 on the right. Okay, So the first question is, what would be the oxygen required to company we have off the routine? Assume we have five on five. Ah, militar off beauty. And also the density is syrup on 5790.579 Okay, so the massive beauty soc for H 10 mass always am equals to our, um, off course. He goes to our volume times our density surgery of the mass 05550 my flight by seal form of 579 gram per minute. And then we should know it's five or five times 0.579 so you will be 3.18 gram. All right, So the lockstep against re forward, we're going to convert all the mass. Wait. We have to lumber most. So we're safe when 18 derided by the morning mass off. Ah, um, your team. So we have a four cabin and also we've 1000 so it will be. He goes to see what point? Serial five for eight mo. This would be the number most off our, um, to be a team. Okay, so when we want to know them, the mass off oxygen. So actually, we're looking at the mess. So if you want to know that we have to find out the number most of oxygen and then we can convert your number. Massino, the foodie. We have our meeting, so we figure so, um so upon serial 5478 miles and the mother wish only thing to Ah, come in. Well, come those eye to your oxygen. So we were looking for oxygen. So there's also Jin. Is this the 1 to 13 d y by two. So you just need to take 31 bites. Uses explained five. So the way show essentially vehicles to 12615 So the lumber move off our oxygen. We re close to our lumber most off our, um me people taking time 6 45 And that we would have 67.356 mo and then we can convert it to the mess off sausage in. You were justly to multiply that by the molar mass off Austria. So it would be 1.1 out of 11.47 point four Graham. All right, so we solve part a party. What will be the limbo move of water being formed where all the beauty in burnt again? We go back to our chemical reaction we find at the mullahs wish. Oh, between our me faint and the water is 1 to 5125 So I just hope it. The waiters 1 to 54 Our beauty maybe, actually, I mean beauty. See voice shand two water is 1 to 5. So the limbo move a water real b equals to our ah, five times the, uh, the number most 0.548 Move our beauty. And then we should have ah, for eight. Um, serial 80.27 for most of water. And this will be defensive apart. Be okay. And that's been all these for posse. We want to find the total onboard mobil gas from reach their beauty in burns completely. So when the beauty in burn completely, then he also constant the same among I mean, the popular mother also Jim, but assumed the oxygen is in excess and it will produce water vapor. And also, we've coming down, sir, Down outside gas. So, um, for the number move off water, Raber. We already know that is a single point you say before and then for the limbo move or cabin we have. Um so this is one and is four. So 1 to 4. So the limbo move also to you. Ecos to our ah, limbo most off our ability. 5487654 times four Soon possible 548 times for it. See Costa zero porn to one too. So the total number more off gas will be close to, ofcourse adding both together. So Seo point. Uh, okay, monsieur. I shut my answers, and I'm sorry. It's my It's my bad CBC. Lapointe 2 to 0. So, yeah, we just at both together CEOs, you and the water. And then we should be able to find so points for nine foremost. Okay, Sometimes you may see the answers of the different because they would depend on what kind of stay we're looking at. The, um the chemical equation I show here I'm showing that water. This is a gas face. We go when the reaction is going on. It's a combustion reaction. You will go. Ah, do a high temperature. So ah, when off the meeting. And also Jin days, they react. And then they reform water vapor and common dioxide. But if we look at the reaction proceeds to ah, monsieur everything meeting est and estate then we only can show the standard Stay off off the weird unimportant. Then water will become liquid. We become the quick so it would depend on the state. But what I am show here I'm representing the actual reaction proceeding in the reaction mixture. So that's why Watership yet yes, before you Now the temperature job and they're being decree again. So that's why from here I will show I would take assume where there's a guess and I were just at the water and salt together, But you you threw out to tea every toda to keep everything a sense state and water. We've been there quick, so you don't have to constantly water danda. Guess swimming would be