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Problem 67

Automotive air bags inflate when sodium azide, $\…


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Problem 66

Calcium hydride reacts with water to form calcium hydroxide and hydrogen gas. (a) Write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction. (b) How many grams of calcium hydride are needed to form 4.500 g of hydrogen?


a) See explanation for result.
b) 46.98 $\mathrm{g} \mathrm{CaH} 2$



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Video Transcript

So in this problem, get him high grade. Re exceed water to form calcium hydroxide and hydrogen cast. It's in first part of this problem. We had to write down a balanced chemical equation for distraction. So first you write down the question for registration. It is calcium hydroxide. She'LL be in solid from so touch him. Hydrate, not hydroxide. Um, which we exceed water. Actually, we're in a liquid state. A bruise calcium hydroxide, which is Nicholas and to produce hydrogen guests. So the balance the question we'll write down each component of illustrations separately on both sides. We have killed she, um, hydrogen and oxygen in this side, and we have similarly kills him. Hydrogen also. Then in the other sake. Now it will right down the number off each compliment we have on its side. Sayinthis in the reactor. Inside, we have one calcium. We have two plus two. Four had risen and we have one oxygen and the product site we have again. While one culture, we have two plus two. Four had risen and we have to accident here. You can see that right now we have the number of calcium balanced on both side a number of hydra and balanced on both sides. But we have one oxygen in the reactor inside. While you have courses in on the product side, that means we need Hawkes. Is any the reactor inside? Also on how we can do that, we can multiply. This is toward by two to get two boxes in in the reactors that also But in this in this, in that case, we're also changing the number of hundreds and which is now totems to four plus two six. So we now have six had risen in the reactive site. That means we have embarrassed the number of hydrogen again. So now we have six hydrogen in the reactors side. But we have four hydrogen in the product side. That means we need no more hydrogen in the port side also. So if we multiply this headdress and guess by two, then we have two times two four plus two total six hundred. And now we have all the Adam Sorry. Lemurs. Ballast on both side. We have one Gale. She only side. We have seaside resident inside, and we have talks in inside. So this is the balanced reaction equation for this reaction. Now, in the second part of this problem, we have to find out how many grams of calcium hydrate er needed to form four point five gram off hydrogen. So in this type of problem, what we have to do is we have to convert the mass in the number of malls and from the balanced equation, we can say how many, most ofthe other reacting will be required to produce. How many, most off predict. So since you're given four point five gram off hydrogen and we have to find out what is the number of moral for print? Five. Graham had risen. So for pi and the number of bullets simply the massive or Mueller Mass. So far, four point five graham had risen is four point five over the molar mass of hydro sandwiches and forage two, it is point zero one six, Grandpa Armel. So, maciver, Mormons will give us the number of ball of hydrogen for this much massive head rosen and which is to plant true treat to mole. So this is the number of more off hydrogen we wear. Um, we have to find out how many. So how much or how many grams off tells him hydrate is needed to form thiss much more off hydrogen gas. So from here you can see that one more loss of calcium hydride can produce to mall of hydrogen gas are not there. We could say that true moral of hydrogen gas is produced from one mole of calcium hydride. So we can write two more hydrogen gas is produced from one more kill shot my drain. So from here you can see how many So far, two point two three four. We went to three tumult I'd risen. Guests will be produced from one over Truell Times These two point two three two mall of Kel Shak. My drain which is equal to one point one one six Small Kill Shou id. Right. So this is the number of Mall of Culture Maigret which you require to produce this much more off hydrogen gas All which is four point five grandma vectors and guests. So now we know the number of moral of calcium had raid we need and from here we can find them massive calcium I dread we need. So if we just multiplied the number of more by the Mueller Mass off a substance we confined the mass of that substance. So mass off kill sham hydride, which we need is one point one one six mall times the molar mass of calcium I dried, which is forty two point one Grandpa Armel. And this will give us a bell off forty six point nine nine. Graham killed my drink. So this is the mass of calcium hydride which we need to produce. Ah, for plant five gram off headdress and gas.

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