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Problem 71

Use $\Delta H^{\circ}$ and $\Delta S^{\circ}$ val…

Saginaw Valley State University

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Problem 70

Calculate $\Delta G^{\circ}$ at 298 $\mathrm{K}$ for each reaction:
$$\begin{array}{l}{\text { (a) } 2 \mathrm{NO}(g)+\mathrm{Cl}_{2}(g) \rightleftharpoons 2 \mathrm{NOCl}(g) ; K=1.58 \times 10^{7}} \\ {\text { (b) } \mathrm{Cu}_{2} \mathrm{S}(s)+\mathrm{O}_{2}(g) \rightleftharpoons 2 \mathrm{Cu}(s)+\mathrm{SO}_{2}(g) ; K=3.25 \times 10^{37}}\end{array}$$

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Chapter 20
Thermodynamics: Entropy, Free Energy, and the Direction of Chemical Reactions
CHEMISTRY: The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change 2016



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