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Problem 23 Easy Difficulty


a)percent $(\mathrm{Cl})=34,25$ percent
b)percent $(\mathrm{N})=36,86$ percent


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Video Transcript

we have defined the mouse fashion off cold green in a calcium Cory. So the more the mass of concern Korea's to eight point I eat You can find that by, ah, the adding other modern mass off individual element. So the more fresh and would be equal to the total number off. Ah, mass off Corinne in the, um, Kasam cory. It's over the overall weight. So we have. Ah, actually, in each Gibson court rehab to Corinne. So we have two times 35 145 over 206.98 Ah, 206.98 So I should be Ah, 35.45 So we have two times three or 5.45 you about your 6.98 And then, um, we will find a Sierra Sierra, put point free for, um, to Fife and just, um, mask fashion. Okay, so we're going to do the same thing to file the mask. Russianoff Nigerian and sorrowfully. So the total number often Ah, 19 years, too. So we have two times. Um Well, mama, mass off nitrogen. So we be, um, 14.1 14.1. Hold sir. Ah, 76 point no one. So two times 14 point on one tape, I sent six point or one. And then we should be able to find a Super 36 um 86 and visited my freshman North National.