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Problem 21 Easy Difficulty

Calculate each of the following:
(a) Mass $\%$ of I in strontium periodate
(b) Mass $\%$ of $\mathrm{Mn}$ in potassium permanganate


a)percent $(\mathrm{I})=54,07$ percent
b)percent $(\mathrm{Mn})=34,76$ percent


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Video Transcript

So we have to found a mass percentage off outing in strongly about it. So first voter Estonia and later former is s l I O for two. So we have one strong Liam. So we have to found Ah, mass off the sewer are stronger today first, so far stronger we will be Ah, it's the save importance you and then we have two unit off other dates. So for our dean is a 1 to 6 point Millie and then for oxygen Ruby 16. So 16 time four. So when you add everything together we have their total mood. A mass off Ah, strong, rather date. So we have for 16.4 Ah, we have 4 69 0.42 grand Permal All right, so for each off their strong the other dates we would have to our outing because we're out there from the other date. So therefore we are for massive percentage. We're essentially the off the Audi Massa were two time outing overto over or more the mass off the other dates. So you have to at times 16 26 0.9 and then over for 69.42 And then we're going to move on with my life by 1%. So, uh, we have ah 1 26 49 d y by, um 54 poin 1% for, um, for the mass pretends that your outing. Okay, so this one will be the master percentage. Your magnesium, potassium mag magnet for magnate. So how already? Totally the of the massive from agony is one of the 8.734 So again, we just about the same equation. So we have one Magan, Megan, Megan has seen off them in the whole place. Infirm agonies of her magnates molecule. So we have met a magnate, um, over for ransom for Magnus regulates simple American lease and coal magnate. And then, ah, we go back to three other table. So just a 54.94 Do I buy 1 58.3 civil flee for And then we can just a calculator to find out master first and age, and it would be equal to 34.76%

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