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Problem 20 Easy Difficulty

Calculate each of the following:
(a) Mass $\%$ of $\mathrm{H}$ in ammonium bicarbonate
(b) Mass $\%$ of $\mathrm{O}$ in sodium dihydrogen phosphate heptahydrate


a. $=6.33 \%$
b. $=7.15 \%$


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Video Transcript

we had the further mass percentage of hydrogen among Liam by combat carbonate. And also the math of standard your oxygen sodium by force feeds have to hydrate. Okay, so you know, they're founding Master, in the sense that you just say it's a mass off our hydrogen. From from this case, we're just seemed with a mass of hydrogen off the hydrogen off course over it, and with a mass off our molecules to answer for XY oath, we with the mess, and then we'll abide by 12%. Okay, so the total more than mass of hydrogen. So how many hydrogen do we have? We have four. This one. So we're five. So we have five grand for mobile, for each number of market is fuck. That's our guest. Some rich Lem for each, um, Hadron dermal the masses one. So it's flying. Remember more. And then at the bottom, we have to file the Toto mask. Oh, yeah. Honeymoon massively having ah nitrogen. Niger's roughly around 14. So a 14 plus four plus one from the hydrogen bus carbons hers prostitute. So we have river for around 79 grand per mo and it's 1 500% and then we should be able to find that it's wealthy. Ah, 6.3% for hundreds. Okay, so for oxygen, we're doing the same thing you just filed A total amounts off. Ah ah ah! Future over the overall, mom with a mask. Home foam on the mass. Okay, so we're looking at Ah, so the young, um, we're looking at ah, sodium bi di hydrogen. Ah, forcefully. You have toe Ah, have a hydrates. So we should be h to yourself. Ah, uh, would you So that's you was yes, right here. So we're an a h two p 047 water. Okay. How many? Number off a future. Where for? And then we have seven. So we have four for 711 off them. So the total mass of oxygen would be still 11 times 16 gram for more. And the Toto boulder masses, which is at everything that we see here all together. So So? So there is work for 20 weeks bust you for hydrogen and they're false for will be for deep or 97 Ah, plus Ah, we have four off soon and there were seven Ah water So the total will be two for 5.97 when per move again with a move by by 100%. So we're going to take, uh, um our 11 times, 16 year by over him with a mass time 100% and then we should be able to find it by must percentages to be wealthy around 71 0.6 percent.