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Problem 12 Medium Difficulty

Calculate each of the following quantities:
(a) Mass (g) of 0.346 mol of Zn
(b) Number of $\mathrm{F}$ atoms in 2.62 $\mathrm{mol}$ of $\mathrm{F}_{2}$
(c) Number of $\mathrm{Ca}$ atoms in 28.5 $\mathrm{g}$ of $\mathrm{Ca}$


a. $\mathrm{m}(\mathrm{Zn})=22,62 \mathrm{g}$
b. $\mathrm{N}(\mathrm{F})=3,16^{*} 10^{24}$
c. $\mathrm{N}(\mathrm{Ca})=4,28^{*} 10^{23}$ atoms


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Video Transcript

um, So we have to find the mass off a super thief or, ah, six mile off sync. Okay, so before we try the soft part A, we have to, you know, the, um the equation that relate number mo and mass. So for, um, number most so most of time, I would use l and o small attend number. Most of it goes to the mass off our substance divide by the morning mass. All right, So this is the equation, Dad. You have to know and everyone else every time that we have to know, you know, too soft for the questions. All right, so we only found the mass off 0.346 more off saying so we have the number most on dhe. Then we had to move the mask. We want about the mess. So you feel you are wasting equation. I just just at mass, um, to be a m. So foment mass. So we have to remember most might apply the morning mass. I would just move the mass, um, m m 3% of the mess. So you want to find the mass we just need to use multiplied the number more time of the mask. So we have feel syrup or sea for six more And the other mass off saying you're fired from a textbook often appear on the table, and then he should be equal. 65 point for one. Um, Graham turmoil. All right, so, um, should be m o alley. Osamu led. Okay, so we just have to Yeah, I'll buy them together, and then we should be able to find that a c closest. 20 2.6 grab. And this with the mass off cell phone. 346 more off ST. Okay. Park, be We have to find a number off for a reaction. You 2.62 more off foreign. Okay, so far, Far p. We have to know that, um, how to convert lumber off atom, maybe individual atom. We can't want Adam to Adam for Adam to most most off atoms. So the conversion factor is that for each number most that we have it would be corresponding to the I regard your numbers explored roughly six porno to to assist Bono, too. Time. 10 to the power of 23. Um, for years case, we're looking at the lumber atoms. So you would cost one into six point. Only two time tense your power. 20th. We atoms. Okay, so we just need the found, their total limbo moving atoms, and then we can know the most and then convert to actual emperor atoms. Okay, so we have 2.62 most off orange molecule. So for you, each off them foreign. More cute. They would have to foreign atom. So we have to multiply the number most by to, you know, the devout, the actual lumber off foreign atom. So times two, we were have Ah, 162 Ah, 5.24 move. All right, so and then we're going to a plow. Ah, um, how much of that, sir? And we know that for each number mambo, we would have Ah, 61 other time Tens of power off 23 atoms. So therefore, we're going to multiply our lumber Muslim or, um or actual atoms. Bye. Ah, we got your number. The wide by one mo and then we we should be able to find that six. Um sleep poin one, um five time 10 to the power. 24 atoms and This is the number off individual foreign atom in 2462 more foreign. There's a lot off atoms. Okay, so the last one of these, we're going to look for how many car calcium at him in 28.5 gram of calcium. 28.5 lingo calcium. All right, so we have 28.5 gram of calcium. We just need to file the lumber almost so about most of that. And then we can file the actual number off atom. All right, so, uh, we only father number when we're going to use the equation. Ah, number Michael's to Mass d y by more the mass. So we have our March 28.5 words and our moon a mess for Kelsey Amiss 40 08 grand Permal. And then we're going to just our killer later to find out the number almosts and and should be equal to 0.7 when one most. Okay, so we have that number off. Move calcium. So how about the actual number off calcium atom again? You just need thio Take our number Move times our I regard your number So you're safe for 11 most mother flight by our religion lumber 64 notes you times 10 to the 23 Ah, atoms per mo And then you can use So cover their leader again and it would be equals a small point, um to eight time 10 to the power 23. Ah, atoms. So we have that Mandy off calcium answer.