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Problem 15 Medium Difficulty


a) $\mathrm{m}\left(\mathrm{NO}_{2}\right)=0,35 \mathrm{g}=3,5^{*} 10^{-4} \mathrm{g}$
b) $\mathrm{n}(\mathrm{Cl})=2^{*} \mathrm{n}\left(\mathrm{C}_{2} \mathrm{H}_{4} \mathrm{Cl}_{2}\right)=1,24^{*} 10^{-3} \mathrm{mol}$
c) $\mathrm{N}(\mathrm{H})=7,82^{*} 10^{22}$ ions


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Video Transcript

So, folks, question 15. Ah, party. We have found a mass four point where the six time tender 21 more often nitrogen dioxide he ing kill Graham. Okay, So again, when we want to find the mass, we'd each note in the book most. But we only keep in the ER number off. Mark you. So we have to come over there to the ball moves. So the Limbo Movil and no to essentially equals two hour some pro mark you divided by the every casual on birth. Exploring over too. Turn 10 to departed out of 23. So from here, with full 0.6 times in 4.6, it's possible. But this one is 4.6, So I intend to the power off 21 Beware by six point or two. Time for your power off 24. So we would have ah, seven. Um, 0.6 time tend to deathly most. Okay, So how What would be the moon? A massive animal to be wanted by the mass So mass will be equals to our number most time Amata Mass. So the mother muscle and notes who will be Ah, 14.1 plus 16 times, too. So you're 46 point on one. Graham Permal. All right, so we just need to multiply animal Mose and, uh, with a mass together. And then we will have Ah, our massing, Graham. So you will be close to sue points We ah, five friend. Okay, But we want you to program. So we know that for one, dousing Graham equals to one key kilogram. So when convert Graham to kill Quinn, we just need to divide by 1000. So we have still 10000.35 kiddo. Graham. Okay, so, party, what will be done? Months off number most off course in atom, in syrup on 615 See to it for sale too. So you want to find a lumber room where we just itude use our mass syrup on 061 five gram? Um, divide by them with a mass. OK, so the move a mess. We have to collate s. So we have to carbon were 400 rings, and then we have ah to Corinne's. So is roughly around 98 gram per book. So what would be the, um, for the mass? Sorry. When we read the number almost so we just, uh yeah, inputting accumulator. So we have six points to eight times 10 to the letter four most off this molecule. But we are interesting. The number more Korean atom for each off this morning here, we have to Cory atoms. So you just multiply that by two. So we were No, that is, uh, off the around 6.28 time tend to do that four times too. So it's 1.26 time. 10 thio. Powerfully, most off. Cory Atom. Okay, so four c for what? Well, okay, so what would be the lumber off? Hi. Hi. Dry iron gate 5.8. Square on story. Um, hi. Try. So again, let's find out the limbo. More strong. Um, hot. Right. So it will be 5.6 to Graham. Um, do you want by the Mamas office morning room at South Beach too? So, as Sally's 87 point to you. Plus, we have two hydrogen stories that national used to. So 89.2 gram per mole. And then we have five points extra duty of idea answers and that we should have cereal 50.6 Um, for nine. Most off. Ah, the s our H two. Okay, So how about the lumber? Almost off Hydra Aryan before each other market. We have to hide. Try. I'm so we just modify their double most by two. And then we should be able to find a 0.1, um, serial 0.649 times to sue points. 1298 But we're going to wake up. So let's open 13 Serial moles. Okay, so there's a number of move off high dry. We just to convert that back to the lumber. Off lying. So we just apply that wow Ivey casual number. And then we have a number off high dry in six point over two times 10 to the power 23. And there we share 67.83 times hand to the power or 2020. And this would be lumber off lines