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Problem 14 Medium Difficulty


a) $\mathrm{m}\left(\mathrm{KMnO}_{4}\right)=107,47 \mathrm{g}$
b) $\mathrm{n}(\mathrm{O})=0,1878 \mathrm{mol}$
c) $\mathrm{N}(\mathrm{O})=1,53^{*} 10^{20}$ atoms


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Video Transcript

Okay, so we have to found a massive 0.68 more potassium per magnus. So again, um, for mass, you will be always be close to the number of most time with a mess. We just need to find out the mother. Massell. Potassium for magnate. So, potassium. It will be Ah, 49.1. You can just look for the corresponding with a mass. Ah h off them for one testicle. And then you should be able to file there. And when the mass. So we have potassium plus Magnus, you were free for +494 plus for oxygen. So the total off that would be 1 58.4 gram promote. All right, so the number most will be super 0.68 Um, mode applied our mother mass ihsaa 1 58 0.4 gram for mo and then we should be able to find out. You see, it will be around 107 Great. And this will be the massive foul soup on 68. Move up a lesson for magnets. Okay, Party. What would be the limbo mobile at Austin atom in 8.18? Grandma barium nitrate. So, um, we want to find the number more auditor at him. We have to find a lump. Oh, most of our prayer room nitrate. Because for each Baron I treaty contains certain man's off oxygen. So I looked at the chemical forming over here, we know they're for everyone off the baron nitrate will counting six off the oxygen, six off the oxygen. So first off, let's find out the ah limbo, More barren nitrates. So we have a point when a gram divided by the, um with the massive barium nitrate. So again go back to a test. But you can go for the, um with a massive barium. So for barium, there will be 1 47.3 and the night tree. Here we have two nitrate. Jonah. Sir, we're coming in 1920 units. Um, times two. So I 14 plus 16 times three and in two time, that one plus our ah woo regional barium of weight. So, Madam Asa were to 61 points lead Quimper mode. So if we are going to fire the limbo most off that it would be corresponding to serial points. We us is a receiver 0.0 free 13 Simple zero. Flee once we most. Okay, but there's a number more for Perry. Um, we're looking for them for moose off oxygen. So from here, from everyone off the bare room, we have six oxygen. So everyone, Baron nitrate. So for every more bearer nitrate, we should have sex. Oxygen. So if we have soup on serial free one flea mo off Barham, We should have this. Lumber. Steel 0.313 times six. You. Were you close to sue? Appointment 18 78 Um, both off. Oxygen atom. Okay, Not with the nominee is where they found the lumber. Asked you out of your 7.7 point three times times 10 to power or lead if we gram of calcium. Selfie. Ah, well to water. So we want to actual filed a lumber off, um, oxygen atoms. So we have to first filed the lumber, Most off our calcium sulfate. We have to water, and then we're going to find the lumber almost with the actual oxygen atom. And then we can file the actual lumber off oxygen atom. Okay, so, yeah, that's for the number of most rare of 7.3 times and left three Graham. And then we're father. Mother mask again. You can go back to your taste has put up your table. We should be able to find other calcium. Uh, for so for. Ah, it's for 2.7 first. Ah, hostages for oxygen plus two water. Okay, so, um, so we have Ah, calcium. How so? For plus our secure puss water. So we have 1 72 One win for grandpa Move. And then, Ah, we have what will be the lumber home? Also, we need to the mass derived by our, um well, the mass. So we should be able find as 4 to 4. Time 10 to the five letter. Five more. Okay, So for a number of more oxygen, So for each off them whole, um, compound. How many are sitting there? So we have four from the sulfate. Where to? From the water. So we have sex. So when do before 56 So for every lumber, almost off, um kills himself a dehydrate. We We have six Austin. So we just 66 month supply that done the number more than we find before. So is 4.2 or four times 10 to the letter Fife. And then you should be equal to a 2.5 for time. To the 10. To the power of four. Most off oxygen. All right, So what would be the number off, huh? Also, Adam, we just have to multiply Island. Bommel's Dan Spider Every got your number. So it would be equals. 6.2 time. Tend to, uh, 23 time 10 to the 23 and we should have 1.5 three time 10 to the 20 atoms off.