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Problem 74

Elemental phosphorus occurs as tetratomic molecul…

University of Toronto
Problem 73

Calculate the mass (g) of each product formed when 174 $\mathrm{g}$ of silver sulfide reacts with excess hydrochloric acid:
\mathrm{Ag}_{2} \mathrm{S}(s)+\mathrm{HCl}(a q) \longrightarrow \mathrm{AgCl}(s)+\mathrm{H}_{2} \mathrm{S}(g)[\text { unbalanced }]


$\mathrm{m}=\mathrm{n}(\mathrm{AgCl})^{*} \mathrm{Mr}(\mathrm{AgCl})=201,22 \mathrm{g}$
$\mathrm{m}\left(\mathrm{H}_{2} \mathrm{S}\right)=\mathrm{n}^{*} \mathrm{Mr}\left(\mathrm{H}_{2} \mathrm{S}\right)=0,702^{*}(2+32,06)=23,91 \mathrm{g}$



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Video Transcript

So we're keeping the reaction between ah sue for selfies and also hydrochloric acid. And we have to find out the mass of each of the part that they're super Karan also. Ah, us h two s, the Hodgins survive. All right, so we're giving this equation base and know that bonds. So for silver rehab, £2 toe Camco Yashin. So Ah, we sure we have the same number? Oh, seal first, Which us, too, is over. And then we also have make sure we have the same number off. Ah ah, Call Corrine. So we have tea. I put two in Illinois Excel. Okay, so we have to exhale. And then we have two hydrogen and also church or right. And also we have oneself for 11. Oneself are the right so they can congressional sponsors. That looks stab is we're going to find the lumber most for our suit yourself. Full for silver has won those 7.9. Ah, for the move masks. So we have to off them and then we're going thio plus Ah, sulfur. So it will be, Ah to 47.87 Grampa herbal for the mess. So we're going to take our master bi bi minimus, we would have syrup on +70 it's you. Okay. So again, we're looking at the more the way show. So the more the ratio between super self I and also Cervical writes 1 to 2. It's 1 to 2. So where we have one off it, we have to use a vehicle. Right? So we have cereal point saving odes 702 Both, uh, number most we can hope about you. And then we're 1.44 uh, most for civic. All right. And then for ah 100 himself I the 100 flow vice that I can see that a mile away. So it's 1 to 1. So they should have the same number almost the same time. Bumbles. You know, the father mass, which is that you find out Ah, Mother Mass for off a supercar in the Mumbai By the limbo most So we have the album we have Super. It's one those 7.9 and they were one call right? 45 or 45 And then we promoted by everything together you should be able to find as to a one, um Graham for the full right and then for hydrogen sulfur. So for the Dodgers, all Celso survive. We have soup on 702 times. Ah, the mullahs mass to hydrogen and also with one's over. So for and then you should be able to find this off there on 23.9 crab and those are the

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