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Problem 80 Hard Difficulty

Calculate the maximum numbers of moles and grams of iodic acid (HIO $_{3}$ that can form when 635 $\mathrm{g}$ of iodine trichloride reacts with 118.5 $\mathrm{g}$ of water:
\mathrm{ICl}_{3}+\mathrm{H}_{2} \mathrm{O} \longrightarrow \mathrm{ICl}+\mathrm{HIO}_{3}+\mathrm{HCl}[\text { unbalanced }]
How many grams of the excess reactant remains?


limiting reactant:ICl $_{3}$
access water: $45 \mathrm{g}$
$\mathrm{m}\left(\mathrm{HIO}_{3}\right)=239,224 \mathrm{g}$


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Video Transcript

So we're giving them reaction between I see a free and water. They were for my studio. Ah, which I also I don't. They asked it. And also we have Ah, excel. Okay, so Ah, we are giving that if we have to. 35 Trammel, icy out three. And also 118.5 graham off water. So what would be the maximum number? Um off Mo and Austria Graham off either the acid can be formed. So we're looking at the mess available most and also the mass off out of the acid in form. And then for the same part of question is so what would be the mass off the excess we Asian remain. So how much mass it will remain? So is it's very long question. All right, first of four, we have to buy so chemical reaction because there's no batteries at all. So I will first. Ah, bon step by, um maybe ah, out in your favor. Out everywhere. We need at least two out in. So I was just between one off our I sell for you. So we have two hours, your ribbons and we have fun. We see LF we? Ah, I would pee for two. Bounced. Ah, Corinne, by adding the lumberyard fund off Ah, excel the weeds in the US that because I don't have to change the routing number. So I talked to her about that soon. The love we have. Ah, at this sex call right on the right. We only have two. So you know that you sure everything is spot on. So I would put five years in funds on Xia so out of a rabbit for six chloride of level also have six. Corrina, Corrina, Cora, their bottoms. Okay, so the next stab is I'm going to Ah, bands. Uh, also join us. Well, but the incision, they come from mortar. So I'm going to put three in front off my ah, um, water. And then, um, I have five. Ah, sort of three. All surgery. Okay, so we're out in Korean Bonds were also trim bonds, which would lead to check the ha Jin. Are they the same? So on the left ear Sex. A few times. Where? Society journal, Right where Five plus one. We also have sex. So this chemical location, your spotters Okay, so the first of this done that. He was free. Important? We have neither binds chemical reaction. All right, so the sense Davis we want you found, um limiting we agent. So for survival convert everything to lumber. Almost full for simple limbo. More water will be, um when 18.5, the weapon will amass firewater. So you're for free Around six point 5/8. We move for water and then for I c l we have 6 45 Ah, Divided by the mass off. Ah won. Ah, I see our boy. So plus 45 foot four White House, we and there are six fortified the wide by the mamas. And they was roughly around two. Foreign 72 No, um, make sure right now is to find seven Teoh to go. Okay, so from here, we have to find out over there. Found the limiting the agent. So I've which first pick a sou. I have a lof four. So if I want Thio completely, we have war with off the I sell for you. How many water do I need? So, um, the way show is 2 to 3. Oh, it's 1 to 1.15 If we want to see if I ratio. So I just lied to my flight to If I want to get with all the icy elf we how much water do I need? So I just take the number? Move off. My, um I say three times 1.1 point five for the way show for the way show. So theoretically, we will need, um 4.83 more water to computer react to company react and you can see that we have Ah! Ah, low water were already so it's more than four point or a three. So on this case, actually our i c l phooey! It's so limiting. Wager his study meeting We agent Okay, so them the number move. Ohh I awfully will be depend on the part that we would be pounds and even then we agent So we will be I see l 40 and the lumber move I say fair 2.722 And you can see that the mole ratio is 2 to 1 because we're two and 2 to 1. So for i e i 00 freedom Bommel's will be Yukos Thio 2.722 D'Leh bites you serve we 1.361 mole and a mass off ice, which by all three it would be our number most time them or the master 1.361 times two more Damaso are the must is plus $16. 40. And we should have Ah, two coffee to 40 grand to 40 grand. So you already ah, done the first spark to set improbable toe. Um, question is Okay, So how many glamour that excess we acted? We mean Okay, so we know that was water is the ah, successful reactive. So how many's off them here? We mean, we know that you know that the company we at were for water. We need only this 4.0 if we move off water and we have us 6.5 a flea. Fife, We 615 Flame was a water. So we just subtract that just to wear every other I self we and then we should have Ah, we meaning 2.5 two for five more remaining. So, uh, so if I'm here, we know that we have 2.5 mole. We meaning we made. So the mass of water. So, um, the mass of water remain will be our number most time the movie mask. So we have 45 square more water. We mean And here's these. Ah, their answers.