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Problem 10 Easy Difficulty

Calculate the molar mass of each of the following:
$$\begin{array}{llll}{\text { (a) } \mathrm{SnO}} & {\text { (b) } \mathrm{BaF}_{2}} & {\text { (c) } \mathrm{Al}_{2}\left(\mathrm{SO}_{4}\right)_{3}} & {\text { (d) } \mathrm{MnCl}_{2}}\end{array}$$


a) $\operatorname{Mr}(\mathrm{SnO})=134,71 \mathrm{g} / \mathrm{mol}$
b) $\operatorname{Mr}\left(\mathrm{BaF}_{2}\right)=175,33 \mathrm{g} / \mathrm{mol}$
c) $\operatorname{Mr}\left(\mathrm{Al}_{2}\left(\mathrm{SO}_{4}\right)_{3}\right)=342,19 \mathrm{g} / \mathrm{mol}$
d) $\operatorname{Mr}\left(\mathrm{MnCl}_{2}\right)=125,81 \mathrm{g} / \mathrm{mol}$


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Video Transcript

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