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Problem 27

Based on the following structural formulas, calcu…


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Problem 26

Calculate the percentage by mass of the indicated element in the following compounds: $(\mathbf{a})$ carbon in acetylene, $\mathrm{C}_{2} \mathrm{H}_{2}, \mathrm{a}$ gas used in welding; $(\mathbf{b} )$ hydrogen in ascorbic acid, $\mathrm{HC}_{6} \mathrm{H}_{7} \mathrm{O}_{6}$ also known as vitamin $\mathrm{C} ;(\mathbf{c})$ hydrogen in ammonium sulfate, $\left(\mathrm{NH}_{4}\right)_{2} \mathrm{SO}_{4},$ a substance used as a nitrogen fertilizer; $(\mathbf{d})$ platinum in $\mathrm{PtCl}_{2}\left(\mathrm{NH}_{3}\right)_{2},$ a chemotherapy agent called cisplatin; $(\mathbf{e})$ oxygen in the female sex hormone estradiol, $\mathrm{C}_{18} \mathrm{H}_{24} \mathrm{O}_{2} ;(\mathbf{f})$ carbon in capsaicin, $\mathrm{C}_{18} \mathrm{H}_{27} \mathrm{NO}_{3},$ the compound that gives the hot taste to chili peppers.


a) 92.3$\%$
b) 4.6$\%$
c) 6.1$\%$
d) 65.0$\%$
e) 11.7$\%$
f) 70.8$\%$



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Video Transcript

off some of the components given, and basically from there we have to calculate the mass percentages off a specific element present in those compounds. So to find out the person off, mass off indicated element in specific compound. We really use this formula. So from this formula we can see that mass percent is off the compound. The mass percentages, often element in a compound, is basically the number off Adam's off the elements present in that compound times the atomic weight off the element over the formal await off the compound and we multiply that by hundred percent to get in the mass percentages off the element in that calm bone sinners started the first example we have here. So in this case, we have to find out the mass percentages off carbon innocent cailin, which is a form of city, which two? So if we follow the formula directly first we have to find out the formal amounts of situations too, and formal await of situations too, is actually the sum off that immigrant off each Adam present here. So our sister Nevik carbon carbon Santa iniquitous twelve, burned zero one and we have two carbons that never multiplies by two and we have to hide. Rosen and hydrogen has an accurate way to foreign parts. Sirrah zero eight and multiply by two again. Since it go ahead, Risen. And this will give us the value ofthe twenty six point zero four Adamik Mass. You need him. So all this value see happier in Adamik massing on it. And therefore we will have the formal away in the unit off Atomic Masumi. And now we have to find out the mass person is off carbon. You're writing in short terms as mass percentages off Carbone. So it will be simply the number of carbon present two times the atomic weight of carbon which is still point one over the formal await off the compound which is twenty six point zero four. And it will give us well off ninety two point to five percent. And this's the percentages off carbon present in s Italian situation, too, that they move to our next problem here and what you have. We have to find out the mess person is of fight Drizin in escort Ghassan. So the same way we can find out the mass percent is off age So we have eight. I dress in here. Basi, put eight. I'm Statham, equate of high treason, which is one point zero zero eight. That way I'm assuming, Okay. And we put it over the formula weight off on that score. Because, Sid And if we just find out the former Lord of Ascorbic acid, Um, just following the process we did in the previous problem. Well, have a formal await off one seventy six point oneto eight. And we must unit for a score, Percocet and timing by hundred percent. And it will give us the mess percentages of Hydra Senna's four point five eight percent. This is the mass person is of hydrogen in escort because it and I have to find out the mass persons of hydrogen and ammonium self at So again, um, my spur cities off. Right, Rosen. So how many hydrogen we have here? We have four times to eight head treason. We time it by the hydrogen settlement Quit, which is one point syrahs zero eight entering must soon it. And in the, um About what? We have the formal away to vanish for Breast of four, which is one target upon one for before. If we just off calculated using the process he provided previously, damn it! A hundred percent and it will give us a value off six point one zero percent. So this is the mass percenters of high treason in ammonium sulphide. Same way we can solved this one. Where we him. We have to find out the mass persons of platinum in British Steel Toe and his three two. So let's find out the formal awake for dis compound here again, sort of formal, await off the team. You steal too. And it's true, too. I mean, so the platinums tracking apps atomic weight is one ninety five point zero seven eight and a big mus c on it. Then we have still chlorine and chlorine has an atomic weight of thirty five point four five three and we have no chlorine that we're meant to vibrate too on. Then we have to Night. Rosen. Tonight wasn't has Natalie Wood off fourteen point zero zero six seven and we have two natural Zana multiplied by two. No, and finally we have six had risen games to six Opens. He put I'd Rosen's atomic weight, which is one point zero zero eight. I have to put a mu multiply by six. And this will give us Val well off. Two hundred blind zero four five enteric masumi. So this is the formal a wayto ptcl Dennis Tito. Now you'LL lose the same. Um right. It's informal as before to find out the platinums mass percentages here So we can do that by simply putting. So since we have only one platinum, we'LL put just the platinums atomic weight on the top in one ninety five point zero seven eight Hey, Mew. And in the bottom, we will have the formal away toe which is just calculated as three hundred foreign zero for five Samuel. And it will give us Onder dammit! My hundred person any real viewers six to five point zero one percent as the mass percenters off platinum in pity silvio in history too. Then you go to our next one where we have to find out oxygen in Esther dialled the song This goes we'Ll just find out the mass percentage of oxygen So here we have two oxygen that missy place two times oxygen's atomic weight which is sixteen a mule and in the bottom with place the formula weight of this company which, if we calculate well found we will find our two seventy two wind three, eight, four, six a meal and it damn it a hundred percent which will give us eleven point seven five percent. So this is the most personal of oxygen in yesterday ill. And then finally we have to find out carbon in this compound so percent off carbon typical tow. Since we have eighteen carbon Harry place eighteen times carbon Satyam equate to appoint syrah won an emu and the bottom with plays the formal a weight of this come bone, which is three or five point four on five. Three. Our street fight planned four on five three months unit times one hundred percent, which will give us seventy point seven eight percent. So this's the mass percenters off carbon in this compound

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